Neville-lake Husband  What happened to Edward Lake’s son in 2015?

Are you familiar with Edward Lake, also Jennifer Neville – Lake Husband? There are rumors about his death. If the rumors are true, read this post.

This Monday, the father of three children who died years ago from cancer, was tragically killed. Edward Lake, Jennifer Neville’s spouse, is that person. Many Canada people are now interested in his cause of death after his dismissal. This post will address Edward Lake’s dismissal.

Edward Lake, Jennifer Neville’s husband, is who?

Edward Lake, a Toronto resident, was the happy father of his three children. He was also married to beautiful lady Jennifer Neville Lake. Before September 2015, their lives were happy until the family was faced with a great tragedy.

What happened to Edward Lake’s son in 2015?

According to sources, Marco Muzzo, a drunk driver, killed Edward’s family in an accident involving a car. Lake and his wife Jennifer Neville-Lake were saddened by the incident.

It was a tragic tragedy that left Daniel, his nine-year old son, Harrison, and Milly dead. Gary Neville, her 65-years-old father, was also killed. In addition, Jennifer Neville – Lake’s grandmother and mother were also severely injured in the accident.

How did Jennifer Neville-Lake Husband die?

Edward Lake, Jenniffer’s spouse, was found dead on Monday, 20 June. According to reports, Edward Lake, father of three sons, committed suicide. According to reports, he was suffering from a cerebral condition.

The body of Lake was discovered by a Brampton Regional Police Officer. Officials reported that Lake’s corpse was found in Brampton’s Charters Road neighborhood on Monday evening.

Reports claim that he was released from Peel Officers custody on Wednesday afternoon following an overnight confinement for cerebral illness and a series events at his home on Father’s Day. According to reports, the police also used a Taser in order to maintain his cerebral health.

Jennifer Neville–Lake Husband called the police to report serious concerns about her husband’s conduct in the backyard. Police were called to her house to assist her in her concerns. According to reports, Edward Lake and Jennifer Lake were contacted by tactical police to assist with their concerns over possible danger.


Friends and family were shocked by the tragic death of Edward Lake. According to a family officer, Edward has now been free from the years-long pain. Click here to for more information about Edward Lake and his death

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