The Institut Montaigne website shared a good presentation of the new EU approach to technology development in the face of the confrontation between the United States and China. It was given the fact that influence on supply chains. It is turning into a powerful weapon. If you are fed up with different shooters try to test your luck at

The author of the article points out that measures to limit Russia’s access to semiconductor production technologies may result in Russia cutting off supplies of neon or palladium. This, in turn, will lead to very serious consequences. But these are all particulars. European problems in the technology sector are much broader and deeper than the problems of the semiconductor industry. 

The EU has been facing the problem of the competitiveness of its technological products for a long time. It is going to fight it with the help of two means. They are going to build their own industry and control technology transfer. The first steps in terms of building their technology industry are already visible. Huge funds have been allocated for the construction of research centers, in addition, it was possible to achieve 33 billion investments from the American corporation Intel. It is typical for research centers to be opened in France and Italy, and factories in Germany, Poland, Spain, and so on. It shows the hierarchy of countries in the EU. 

Other measures that will obviously help will be a whole range of policies aimed at strengthening control over technology transfer, especially for dual-use technologies. Despite the fact that all the documents regarding the new measures do not indicate. In this specific country, they are directed against, everyone is well aware that this is directed against the PRC. While the Europeans did not jump to take advantage of this for their own benefit by offering the United States and Japan joint control over technology transfer.