New evidence on the toxicity of Paracetamol in dogs

The Paracetamol is one of the most sold medicines in Spain, due to its indications for use as a treatment for health of the people. In this sense, it has the approval of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).

Paracetamol forms part of the so-called analgesic and antipyretic drugs. Mainly, in the case of people it is indicated as a symptomatic treatment of pain of any cause of moderate intensity, feverish states and discomfort typical of cold and flu.

Among the pains that it helps relieve are postpartum, postoperative, rheumatic, arthritis, headache, lumbago, torticollis, sciatica, back, neuralgia, muscular, menstrual or dental pain.

In any case, to take Paracetamol safely, it is appropriate to follow the administration instructions indicated by your doctor.

Is Paracetamol safe in dogs?

Dogs, the most common pet of people, can also get sick and therefore it is necessary to administer some type of medication in certain cases.

Medicamento perros Medication for dogs

Regarding the consumption of Paracetamol, there is great controversy about whether it is safe or generates too much toxicity in this type of animal. And it is that dogs do not metabolize medications in the same way as people.

Generally, a therapeutic dose of Paracetamol of 15 mg/ kf for dogs. However, in high amounts, this medicine can cause damage to the liver and red blood cells.

Therefore, in the case of dogs, it is not recommended to administer Paracetamol on their own if we understand that our pet is unwell or in some kind of pain. Always, without exception, it is advisable to consult a veterinary specialist.

Toxicity in dogs

A new research work has revealed the toxicity of Paracetamol in dogs. Specifically, this study has been led by the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sassari (Italy).

In this regard, the main investigator of this study, Charbel Fadel, explains that “regardless of all misconceptions, Paracetamol, when used at therapeutic levels, has been shown to be a powerful and effective analgesic and antipyretic in dogs. , with some anti-inflammatory activity. This is how they collect it from ' Veterinary Journal 98053'

Thus, this research confirms that when Paracetamol is administered in doses equal to or less than 100 mg/kg has no relevant side effects and at recommended therapeutic levels is effective in controlling postoperative pain.

In addition, this new research study observed cardioprotective and antiarrhythmic effects in dogs, which demonstrates its safety as long as it is administered in recommended doses.

However, this group of researchers clarify that Paracetamol should be used with caution in dogs. In this regard, they add that “doses higher than 150 mg/kg are toxic and the repercussions are severe, with hepatotoxicity, hematotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. Doses higher than 740 mg/kg can be lethal”.

In short, Paracetamol seems safe for dogs as long as it is administered in recommended doses and following the instructions of a veterinary specialist. On the contrary, an uncontrolled administration and in high doses can cause a high level of toxicity.

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