NFL Players to Watch in 2022

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the 2022 NFL season. The teams are strong, and there’s bound to be plenty of action in the games. While making your NFL picks, there are a few players to look out for. These are only predictions, and some players will likely up their game with this year’s season. Here are the players to watch:

Aaron Donald

This defensive tackle for the LA Rams has a brute force that’s been driving his career so far. With a Lombardi Trophy behind his name, he’s set to defend the Ram’s title this year in the Super Bowl. Donald is an entertaining player to watch and will ensure even more fun in the 2022 season.

Patrick Mahomes II

With a couple of awards already under his belt, Mahomes is set to impress us even further as the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. This is his fifth season, so Mahomes knows what to expect and is sure to perform well under pressure. 

Cooper Kupp

Another Rams player, Kupp, is the wide receiver for the team. He led the NFL in receiving yards, receptions, yards after the catch, receiving touchdowns, and first-down catches during the 2021 season, and we expect similar results in the 2022 NFL season. 

T.J. Watt

The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt was the NFL sacks leader in 2021, with 72 sacks. This feat earned him a space in the sacks top 20 of all time and one of only three players to have more than 70 sacks in their first five seasons. This player is a big part of why so many people are optimistic about the Steelers for the 2022 NFL season. He’s also one of the most likable players in the NFL at the moment. 

Josh Allen

Another likable player, Allen, sat out last season, watching as his team almost got a Super Bowl title. He’s easily one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL now, and we hope to see more from him in the coming seasons. Josh Allen has only two seasons behind him and so he still has a lot to show with his team, Buffalo Bills. 

Final Thoughts

While no one can truly predict how the games will be played, the past performances of these outstanding players can help you make the best NFL picks if you’re betting on it. Each of these players has proven their worth in the teams they represent, and we’d like to see them on the field playing their hearts out this season.