Nroblue .Com Features of Nroblue .Com 

Learn more about the new website, Nroblue .Com, a new site that provides community support as well as the latest Version of Dragon Ball Game popular as Blue Dragon.

Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Game? Are you bored with the older versions of Dragon Ball Games available on Google and Apple stores? Are you searching for a newer versions of Blue Dragon Ball Game recently created by a third-party from Vietnam?

Nroblue.com is a new website that offers the latest Version of Dragon Ball Game that became popular for its Blue Dragon Ball! So, let’s look over our review of the www.nroblue.com .Comwebsite.


Nroblue.com offers two files that can export from its platform. The first version is available for installation on an Android platform, while the second version can be run for it’s Windows platform. Nroblue.com is a fascinating site that also offers members’ forums by allowing them to join their community.

The community members are those who are players and enthusiastic about Dragon Ball Games. The majority of the posts written made by members are related to cheating as well as tips and tricks for playing the most recent versions of Dragon Ball Games available on Nroblue.com.

Blue Dragon Ball Game on Nroblue .Com :

Its Windows version of this game weighs 26.1 Megabytes in size while the Android version has 10.3 1 MB. Both games can be exported for free. Nroblue.com allows you the export of both file with pressing a button, by removing ads and hyperlinks!

The version for Windows that the game comes in is compressed into an archive format called zip files. This will require decompression software in order to extract the installation files.

The website doesn’t need users to register to download the game’s files or to read members’ posts. To be able to access the Nroblue .Com fan and players community forum, you’re must sign-up first.

After registration is complete and you have logged in, you will be able to add your blog posts tips, cheats, and tips. Additionally, you can talk about your progress and choose better options to play the game.

Nroblue.com has 75K users on Facebook, with the handle @ngocrongblue. The Facebook group is confidential. Only those who are registered with Nroblue.com can access Facebook posts.

The website also Nroblue.com boasts more than 21.9K members on the Youtube channel @Ngoc Rong Blue channel. The channel launched 5 March 2022. with 22 videos uploaded by users of the community, and has more than 740,087 viewers.

Features of Nroblue .Com :

GMO Z.com RUNSYSTEM is the owner of Nroblue.com. Nroblue.com didn’t mention any policy-related content or contact information. The IP is registered with an SSL certificate and is using the secure HTTPS protocol.


Nroblue.com is a one month and twenty-day old website that was registered on the 2 March 2022. It has a limited life duration as it will expire within 10 months and 10 days from the 2nd March 2023. Nroblue.com has a shabby 11 percent Trust Rank and a poor business rank of 14.8 percent, a weak Alexa ranking of 1,422,642 and a very high risk, malware, and the profile of a phishing site. Therefore, Nroblue.com is a Scam and is not recommended.

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