Overnight Spot Patches – How Long Should I Leave Them On?

Is there anything worse than a big, red pimple showing up with no warning whatsoever? Traditionally speaking, when you got a pimple, it was a matter of squeezing it or continually applying cream to it with the vain hope that it would somehow disappear under the pressure. However, now that overnight spot patches exist, there’s no need to suffer anymore! 

Through the simple and painless application of these nifty little hydrocolloid patches, you can sit back and let them work their magic. The question is – can you leave them on for too long? That’s the question we seek to answer here. 

How Overnight Spot Patches Work

The magic that spot patches do is possible because hydrocolloid has an interesting ability – to drag the fluid inside the sit to the surface. This process sounds disgusting, but it’s also quite satisfying at the same time, as your pimple is literally being protected and allowed to heal. 

When placed directly over the zit, these patches work much more effectively than a simple plaster would, as they provide a sealed environment that keeps out infection and further irritation. In fact, they’re so effective that people often feel inclined to leave them for far longer than they’re designed for. 

12 Hours Should Be Your Maximum 

Even if you’re unable to find directions on the box, you should not take that as a green light to leave your spot patches on for days at a time. In truth, the longest duration you should leave your overnight spot patches on for is 12 hours. As soothing as they may feel, leaving them on for too long can cause irritation. 

Another important point you need to remember is that cleaning the skin before applying the spot patch is paramount. If you don’t, it can lead you to seal in the dirt and bacteria, potentially making things worse than they were before. As you might imagine, that’s not a pleasant scenario. 

How to Get the Most Out Of Spot Patches

The way to ensure you only get good results from spot patches is to include them in your daily cleansing routine. Applying them directly after your nighttime cleanse will ensure that no dirt is locked in, and all you’ll get is a situation where your pimples are able to heal slowly.

Then, as soon as you’ve woken up in the morning, whip them off again and clean away any residue while making sure not to damage the area. You can then apply them during the day if you so wish – there’s no law against it – but you should remember that most brands are very visible, so you might not want to wear them to work or school! 

Use Overnight Spot Patches – Just Don’t OVER-Use Them! 

Spot patches are a modern invention that provides relief to millions of people every day, but like everything, you have to use them properly. If reading this blog causes you to use them properly, then it was worth writing every word.