Paul Costict Cause Of Death And Obituary How Paul Costict Die? What Happened to Him?

Recently, the music community felt the loss of Paul Costict.Paul was an influential hip-hop musician renowned for his musical contributions. Many were left devastated at his sudden passing away, which brought home to many the importance of Paul’s contributions to music and his inspiring yet heartrending life story. It begins with his early days in B-Rock, The Bizz and then moves on to his personal struggles.

Who was Paul Costict?

Paul Costict, born in the decade that hip-hop began to gain traction, was destined to be great. In 1997, Paul Costict made headlines for his band B-Rock and The Bizz. He secured his place in music history. The quartet, which included Baron “Brock” Agee and Thaddeus T-Bird Maye along with Leevirt Agee and Baron “Brock” Agee created waves in the music industry, leaving a lasting mark.

In the early days, they signed with Pound 4 Pound Records based in Miami. The journey began at a talent competition that changed their lives forever. Although “Do Dat Dance”, their first hit in 1992, was a significant milestone for them, it was only the beginning.

What happened to Paul Costict

Paul was found unexpectedly dead in his Norfolk, Virginia home on a quiet Saturday. Hip-hop community mourns sudden loss. According to family friends, he appeared sick just prior to passing. Yet his vibrant spirit never wavered.

When did Paul Costict die?

The cause of Paul Costict’s sudden death is still unknown, which adds to the mystery and pain surrounding his sudden demise. Family members have said that he had been ill, but no details were revealed. Musicians and fans around the world are waiting for more details in order to find closure.

Career: B-Rock and the Bizz

Paul’s career reached its peak with the release “My Baby Daddy”, in 1997. This timeless classic soared to the top of Billboard Hot 100. Its popularity continues to grow, even decades after its release. A-list stars like Rihanna are seen wearing their merchandise. It wasn’t only a hit, but a cultural phenomenon.

The band faced challenges despite their massive success. The band gradually faded from the spotlight, but its impact was still felt. B-Rock and The Bizz were unforgettable because of the raw emotion and honesty they expressed in their lyrics.

Before Fame: Early Years

Paul’s life before his rise to fame is largely unknown. Paul was born in an era when hip-hop had just begun to gain popularity. He likely witnessed firsthand how this new sound transformed the music landscape. From street corners on local stages, all the way up to his Broadway journey, he has shown both his passion and dedication!

Legacy & Tributes

Paul’s passing was not just a tragedy for his family, but also the entire music industry. Many musicians and peers shared their grief, reminiscing about his talent and camaraderie. Thaddeus T.Bird Maye’s moving tribute to him demonstrates their relationship, which dates back to high school.

Paul Costict’s Personal Life

Paul was a fascinating man, both in his personal and professional life. Paul’s marriage to his ex-wife LaSancious was made public by their appearance on “Divorce Court”. The bittersweet story of the dispute over his gold plaque symbolizing his music success is a chapter that will remain in his memory.

Paul Costict leaves an immeasurable legacy that lives on in not only his music, but in all those whose hearts he touched. While fans mourn his untimely demise, his music will serve as a constant reminder of him as one of music’s legends.


  1. Who Was Paul Costict?
    Paul Costict is a hip-hop musician best known for the 1997 hit song “My Baby Daddy”, which he performed with B-Rock and The Bizz.
  2. How did Paul Costict die?
    The cause of death for Paul Costict has not yet been revealed.
  3. What is Paul’s most popular song?
    His most famous track was “My Baby Daddy”, which peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1997. In 1997, he reached No. 10 on Billboard Hot 100.
  4. Was Paul Costict ever married?
    He was married to LaSancious at one time. The “Divorce Court’ show made headlines for a custody dispute.
  5. What has been the reaction of his peers to his death?
    Thaddeus T. Bird Maye is one of many who have paid Paul heartfelt tributes. They highlight his significant influence and warm character.