Paul Pelosi Charges What are the Reactions?

Are you aware that Nancy Pelosi, the USA House Speaker, was arrested in May 2022 for DUI. Many concerned friends and relatives in the United States as well as the Canada were alarmed and requested an update.

A rumor circulated online since 8 June 2022. According to this rumor, Paul was cleared of all DUI charges due to a lack evidence. Others are still looking online to find out if Paul Pelosi charges were dropped.

What were the charges against Paul Pelosi?

Paul Pelosi (husband of Nancy Pelosi), was arrested for drunk driving in May 2022 after two cars collided on the California Home State. According to the initial report by the highway patrolling team Pelosi was driving his 2021 Porsche and collided with a Jeep as he crossed the state road in Napa County.

Napa County Detention Center booked Pelosi under DUI charges. Pelosi was later released on bail of $5000 the following day. Both drivers were uninjured in the collision.

Paul Pelosi Drops Charges

Sources say that the charges have not been dropped and that the case is continuing. Paul was released on bail of $5000 the day after the collision. The court report confirms that Paul is still in court and that no charges have been dropped.

Paul Pelosi, who was released on bail on Sunday, May 20, 222, was taken into custody on the last Saturday in May 2022. There is no evidence that the charges have been dropped. The court also did not receive confirmation that the charges had been dropped.

TMZ reported the Paul Perlosi Arrest news first, and the rumor of a charge drop has been circulated online via multiple social media platforms. However, the court will not release any statement so it is impossible to confirm whether the charges have been dropped.

What are the Reactions?

Many people and democrats used social media to vent their anger and frustration after the rumor circulated online. The son of ex-President Donald Trump Jr. used social media to vent his frustration.

After the rumor Paul PELOSI Charges was dropped, he complained that the rules did not apply to democrats. Fox News contributor Leo also lashed out at the hypocrisy in law enforcement via a tweet.


Paul Pelosi (husband of Nancy Pelosi) was arrested for a DUI accident in Napa County in May 2022. He was released after being granted bail. However, social media was used by some to spread a rumor that is currently trending. To see what others have to say about this Paul pelosi charges viral rumor, you can read the threads.

But, any statement is not a confirmation that the charges have been dropped. Are there any other updates? You can share your updates in the comments section