Paythat.co.ZA Scam :- What was the problem?

This article discusses the website’s legitimacy and possible Paythat.co.ZA Scam.

Are you aware of the new scam traffic payment system? It concerns the confusion caused by the website’s findings. The issue was brought to the attention of South Africa and is currently under scrutiny. Many people are concerned about this issue and seek support from the appropriate authority.

The Cape Town traffic authorities established new payment methods to collect traffic fines on 30 June 2022. Although the management created new QR codes to facilitate deals, many people are now facing the consequences of Paythat.co.ZA Scam.

What was the problem?

The old contract was terminated by the Cape Town traffic authority. The company was responsible for collecting traffic fines and commuter taxes. The traffic department decided that a new payment term would be better for commuters on the 30th of June 2022.

The commuters can now pay using Snapscan, Zapper, and Masterpass as a payment method. QR codes can be used to enable digital payments. The commuters can also pay at www.paythat.co.za. Traffic authorities also banned the use of old payment methods like Easypay, Paycity, clicks, and Clicks.

Paythat.co.ZA Scam – The Finding Data .

The problem is that many people disagree about whether the new payment channel is legitimate. We have therefore checked the essential features of this website. Our findings are not as favorable as the website’s research.

  1. It is quite recent that the website was created. It was created in February 2022. This means that the website is unique and has been around for less than two years.
  2. The domain will expire 6 February 2023. This means that the domain must be renewed within six months. It isn’t complete information. More information is needed.

Paythat.co.ZA Scam – Other Important Data.

We must also verify the legitimacy of the website. We have also reviewed the website’s essential elements.

  1. Website trust score is much lower. Website has a trust score of just one percent
  2. The domain link is associated with multiple countries. These countries also used the domain to commit fraud or scamming.

The “Whois” search confirms that the domain owner is found. However, there are no reviews. This raises questions about whether the website is legitimate and raises Paythat.co.ZA scam.

What is Trending in the News?

Many are questioning and asking the traffic authority about this website. A report was also made by commuters on social media and they asked for complete solutions.


We can conclude from internet research that the website does not provide the correct answer to many questions and it offers some pay-scam opportunities. The website uses proper security protocols called “HTTPS”.

Before making any payment through this website, we recommend that you review all reports. What do you think about the research topic Paythat.co.ZA Scam Comments Please.