If you’ve been using Google Drive from the get-go, you’ll know that it is one of the best ways to get your content into the hands of your team members. It’s also great for storing and collaborating on files with others. However, like most things in life, there are some limitations. The good news is that uploading a PDF file doesn’t use any of these limitations. The process of adding a new document to Google Drive remains just as simple as adding an audio or video file. You can do it right from your Android app! 

PDF Drive tutorial will walk you through how to upload a PDF file to Google Drive. You may also browse other tutorials on the site. Don’t worry! PDF Drive is free to use and has a simple user interface! If you’re now ready to know the ins and outs of Google Drive, let’s start!

What Is A PDF file?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file type is a file format developed in the late 1980s that’s been around for almost 40 years. It’s a common method for creating and managing documents online — you can even create a PDF document in Google Docs. As its name implies, a PDF file is a lightweight format that’s easy to understand and edit. Unlike other file types, you can save a PDF file almost anywhere — on your computer, a mobile device, or even a website. Anyone with Internet access can view and edit a PDF file. Moreover, a PDF file can be published on the web or sent to a colleague via email. It is often used by business people to share their documents and reports. It is also useful for creating documents for doctors’ visits, school reports, and other reference materials.

How To Upload A PDF File To Google Drive?

To upload a new PDF file to Google Drive, follow these steps: 

1. Open the file in your default word processor (such as docs). 

2. Search for the necessary details, such as the file type, the size, and the date it was created. 

3. Now, select “PDF” on the file type.

4. Afterward, click on the “Share” option next to the file to open its options. 

5. In the “Email” section, add your account email, and in the “Other” section, click “Create a new file”. 

6. Your new PDF file will be added to the account.

What Can You Upload With Google Drive?

Google Drive lets you upload a wide variety of files, including Documents (txt, doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, xlsm, ppt, pptx, pdf, and more) Images (jpg, png, and more) Sounds (mp3, m4a, and more) Videos (3gp, mp4, and more) Movies (3g2, 3g3, and 3g4) MOV, MP4, 3GP, and others. The only file type you can’t upload, at least not yet, is comments. Google has said that it will reconsider this in the future, but for now, comments will remain off Google Drive. However, Google has made a big push toward creating a “scholarly” environment, so it is also testing allowing users to create digital objects like databases and journals in the future.

How To View And Manage Your Google Drive Files?

Once you’ve added a file to Google Drive, you can manage and view it at any time by clicking the document’s name in the upper-right corner. You can also view and manage files by using the viewer that comes with your web browser. To view a file, log into your account and go to the folder where you saved the file. On the folder page, you’ll see a list of the files in the folder along with the name and location. If a file is marked as “ Draft” or “Filtered”, it means it has been filtered (i.e., removed) from the original file. You can also see a list of “open” files, including the filename, the date it was opened, and the time. You can also see a list of the “most popular” files in the folder. After you add a file to your account, it’s listed in the “Most popular” section. If you’re on a mobile device and want to see what file is inside the Drive, you can use the app on your device’s homepage to search for files.

How To Add or Remove A File Or Folder From Google Drive

To remove a file from your account, go to the folder where you saved the file and delete it. You can also go to the “Most popular” section of the account page and remove any file you no longer need. You can’t add a file to a folder that’s already there — you have to make a new folder and add the file to it. If you want to add a file to an existing folder, go to the “Create a new folder” page and click on the folder you want to add the file to. You can also go to the “Most popular” section of the account page and remove any file that’s there. You won’t be able to add or remove files from the “folder” section, though.


One of the best methods for sending your file to your associates is through Google Drive, which you probably already know if you’ve been using it from the beginning. It’s also excellent for sharing files with others and keeping them. The real kicker is that uploading a PDF file does not make use of any of these restrictions. But, like many aspects of life, there are some drawbacks. For example— you can’t put up comments on Google Drive, but they’re already working on it. And now with your newfound understanding of how to upload a PDF file to Google Drive, you can easily save and share significant documents with your team. Furthermore, Google Drive is a fantastic location to host and collaborate on team projects because of its simple-to-use file management tool. If you want to see more tutorials like this one —  visit PDF Drive today!