This post reviews Pentos Reviews. It is Tiktok’s first comprehensive analytics and monitoring tool. Continue reading to learn more about the tool, and decide if it is right for you.

Pentos, according to the website, can give users insight on TikTok accounts and songs, videos artists, trends, etc. all in one location. According to the website, Pentos can also track any TikTok activity.

These are big buzzwords with huge promises. These promises and words may sound fake, but are they real? Let’s find out. We’ve done a detailed review of the tool below. We have discussed the features and pricing of this tool, as well as who it is suitable for. Let’s start!

Who is Pentos for?

Pentos is an excellent tool for creators, influencers, small brands and anyone who wants to grow on TikTok. To be precise, Pentos is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep track of account engagements and progress on TikTok.

Pentos provides detailed insights that are both easy to access and understand. Users can use these powerful insights to analyze content, trends, key areas for improvement, and other important areas. These insights can be used by TikTok users to plan, create, and post more successful content in the future. This information can be used to help improve TikTok’s marketing strategies.

This allows one to easily see where they are on TikTok. Pentos is the best tool for TikTok users to improve, grow, and reach unimaginable heights.

Pentos’ features

Pentos features are divided into two products: TikTok Analytics, and TikTok Monitoring.

This aligns with the two main tasks a TikTok professional must perform on a daily basis.

We’ve therefore reviewed the features of each product using the same structure.

TikTok Analytics

Profile Analytics You can monitor your progress and go beyond the limit of TikTok’s 60-day limit. You get professional-curated analytics and reports on your profile progress.

Song Analytics This feature allows you to track the songs of any creator. To find out which songs are the most popular, you can do an analysis. You can also find out about the most popular songs on the platform.

Video Analytics This feature allows you to track any creator’s videos. To find out which videos are the most popular on the platform, you can perform an analysis. You can also find out about the most popular videos on the platform.

Hashtag Analytics The software’s Hashtag analytics feature allows you to keep up-to-date on all the latest happenings. You will be able to see the most popular and trending hashtags. You can also learn about the performance of different hashtags.

Weekly Performance reports – Get metrics and analytics for both your content and other TikTok trending content on a weekly basis. You can not only keep track of your performance, but you can also track the performance of other accounts (including your competitors and peers). This feature can be used to compare yourself with the best.

Daily update – Data is refreshed every 24 hours.

Data Sorting This feature allows you to easily analyze group metrics.

You can export your data to PDF or CSV. Pentos lets you take your data with you. Export your data is easy. The data can be used wherever you want it to.

Simple Dashboard You will get a powerful dashboard that is easy to use, accessible and user-friendly.

TikTok Monitoring

Hashtags Monitoring This feature allows you not only to monitor the performance of hashtags but also allows for you to view videos that have been posted to specific hashtags.

Influencer Monitor – This feature allows you to monitor any TikTok influencer’s content. It will help you to improve your TikTok Marketing Strategy and check & understand trends.

Music Monitoring You can track the top performing music on the platform. You can attract the attention of Gen Z, millennials and a whole new generation by using appropriate music in your content.

Viral charts – You can always be notified of any TikTok viral content by using Pentos’ viral chart feature. This feature allows you to monitor all your TikTok content and be notified when it goes viral. You can also set virality levels to suit your needs.

Email Notification This feature will notify your every time an email alert is sent.


Pentos was a great value-for-money TikTok analytics monitoring and analysis tool. Pentos offers a 14-day free trial on all plans. Users can give it a go and decide if they want to purchase the paid plans.

There are four plans that suit different needs and budgets. The pricing of these plans can vary depending on whether they are billed monthly or annually. If you choose the yearly option, prices are a bit lower.

Pentos offers a “Starter” plan for bloggers and small business owners. Although the plan has many features, it does have limitations. It includes 5 trackers, 5 viral alarms, and a 1-day history trending chart.

Upgrade to the Growth plan to remove limitations. This plan includes 20 trackers, 20 virus alerts, and a 7 day historical trending chart.

The next plan, the “Pro”, includes 50 trackers, 50 virus alerts, unlimited historical viral chart and unlimited historical trending charts.

The Enterprise plan is for large businesses that require complex TikTok analytics or monitoring. It offers unlimited historical trending charts and viral charts, as well as 1000+ trackers.

Final Words

We are very happy to report that Pentos is a legitimate tool after doing extensive research and using its services.