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What is eligibility?

Eligibility means meeting the PMI requirements to take the PMP® exam. Approved eligibility means that PMI has reviewed and verified that you meet these requirements, and you can proceed to pay the required amount to take the exam.

What are the requirements to take the pmp certification dumps?

  • University degree (minimum of bachelor’s degree)
  • 36 months (non-overlapping) of project experience within the last eight (8) years
  • 35 hours of education in project management. E.g. courses, diplomas, training, etc., offered by a PMI REP (Registered Education Provider).

In what language should I fill out this information?

It can be in Spanish or English, but we recommend that, if possible, it be in English because there have been some cases in which the application has been rejected for being in Spanish.  

How long does it take for PMI to review my application?

About six (6) days. For example, if you apply on a Thursday, your eligibility will approve the following Wednesday. You will need to go to your my PMI > Dashboard and verify that you appear eligible to pay.

Do I have a time limit to comply with the audit?

You will have 90 days to send the documentation. The PMI takes about 10 days to evaluate said documentation and inform you if you passed the audit or not.

What happens if I don’t pass the audit?

It is very unlikely, but if it does happen, you should wait for indications from the PMI Certification Department regarding the specific actions in your case. So click here to investigate more.

How long does eligibility last?

One year.

How many times can I attempt the exam?

You have three (3) attempts within the year of eligibility. If you have not made the three attempts at the end of the year, you will lose the remaining attempts and have to apply again.

 Can I change my exam date?

You can reschedule your exam at no cost up to 30 days before the date initially scheduled. If you change it 30 days before the original date, you will have to pay 70 USD.

If I don’t pass the exam on the first try, how much do I have to pay to retake it?

Each exam retry costs USD 275.

Online Exam Process

What do I need to take my exam online from home or the office?

  • A laptop with a webcam and microphone
  • A fast and stable internet connection
  • A closed, clean, tidy, quiet, and free of distractions workspace
  • It would help if you did not have anything within reach of your hand from where you are sitting.
  • You cannot use paper, pencil, or a calculator  

Note: When scheduling the exam or days before the exam, you will need to do a system test (System Test) from the same computer and network you will use on the day of the exam to verify that it works.

How long does the exam take?

Whether at an authorized center or from your home or office, you have four (4) hours to answer the 200 questions.

Can I mark questions for review?

Yes, you can mark the questions you want to review later. By answering question 89, you can review the questions you marked up to that point. You can still mark questions to review at the end.