Pokemon Anniversary Event Research Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Research Rounds

Are you excited about the announcement of the Pokemon Go Anniversary Event in 2022? The timed research is at the center of Pokemon Go’s 2022 anniversary event. It has been broken down into six steps and then presented in two stars that allow players to claim exciting rewards worldwide.

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The anniversary of Pokemon research

This anniversary event of Pokemon Go 2022 offers a great opportunity to get the most out of Pokemon and make your debut with this timed research. For completing the first two steps of time research, players can get the party hat charm Bender or the cake costume Pikachu.

To receive exciting gaming rewards, there are six steps. You will receive one puffin and a Pikachu costume as a reward for your first step.

Pokemon Go Anniversary Event Research Rounds

This step can be completed by players catching 15 pokemon and making three throws. They also have to make five throws with the ultra-ball and catch a different type of Pokemon. You will be rewarded for completing this step as previously mentioned.

The second step is to play with your friend, take a picture of yourself, give your buddy treats, battle another trainer, and then go adventuring together. You will earn a candy exploring with your buddy or five with a friend. This is the Pokémon Go Anniversary Event Research rewarding step! You will receive a 20500 Stardust or Charmander encounter party hat after completing the second step.

You will need to take a photo of the Charmander and five photos of wild Pokemon. Click a snap of your body, click one of the normal types of Pokemon, then click five more snapshots of wild Pokemon. Finally, click five shots of wildfire water or grass Type Pokemon. You will be awarded 1 Unova stone after completing this step.

Next move in the Pokemon Anniversary Events Research

These four steps involve hatching an egg and spinning five Pokemon stops or gyms, walking for two kilometers, exploring and earning candy with a friend, and completing five research tasks off-the-field. Finally, you will battle in the gym three more times. This step will award you a premium battle pass as well as a gible encounter.

The fifth step involves sending five gifts and ending 15 Pokemon. You can also transfer five Pokemon to End and send five gifts and one sticker to each Pokemon. After completing this step, you will receive a rocket radar and Snorlax encounter.

Final Verdict

The Pokemon Anniversary Event Research is the sixth step. It’s all about having fun. After completing the sixth step, you will be awarded six rewards.

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