Powhite Parkway Accident Richmond Accident: More

This article is Powhite Parkway Incident. It will help you to understand the accident and other details.

Did you know that a Richmond accident occurred? You should read the article to learn more about this accident. A man was struck by a vehicle on Thursday morning after falling from a bridge in the United States. He was then declared dead.

Information gathered from those closest to the incident. The victim fell off the Forest Hill Avenue Overpass at 6:38 AM and was then struck by a tractor-trailer. The victim was unconscious when the cops arrived at the Powhite Road Accident.

Richmond Accident: More

Officials have yet to identify the man who fell. VDOT reports that an investigation into the death is ongoing. Due to the incident, the Virginia Department of Transportation closed all eastbound lanes at Forest Hill Avenue. Officials then redirected traffic towards Chippenham Parkway.

Doctors are currently examining the body of the man who fell from the bridge following losing. All lanes can be used to access Powhite Parkway. After being closed for several hours, it was reopened at 9.15 a.m.

Accident at Powhite Parkway : Bridge

The Po-white Parkway- Bridge crosses the River James in Virginia, and connects to the city of Richmond. It is crossed by the Powhite Parkway (commonly known as the Virginia (State Route Number 76). It was constructed using revenue bonds, which are repaid via user tolls.

The bridge toll does not have to be paid to pass through the Powhite Bridge. However, cars are forbidden to cross the bridge without paying any toll at the toll stations located on the south side of the bridge. The white parkway connecting Cary Street and the bridge was extended from three to four lanes to 1992. In addition, the number of routes increased from four to six.

For more information about the Accident at Powhite Parkway, please read this. There are 20 lanes at the Powhite Parkway toll collection point. There are 6 open road lanes for tolling and 14 physical lanes. Eight lanes are available at the Powhite Parkway crossroads.

Two unmanned lanes connect the Douglasdale ramps to the parkway north by the river; recently, the Powhite’s northbound lane and southbound lane were enlarged as part a major development project. Richmond’s most popular thoroughfare is the Powhite Parkway.

Last Thoughts on Powhite Parkway Incident

Our research indicates that a man fell from a bridge over the Powhite Parkway. He was then hit by a tractor-trailer, and declared dead. According to people familiar with the matter, The victim fell from the Forest Hill- Avenue bridge overpass at 6:38 AM. A tractor-trailer struck him. A thorough investigation is underway.