The word Amazon brings only the thought of being able to buy mobiles, laptops, and anything and everything online at the best deal prices. People had even forgotten the Amazon Forest, which prevailed long before Amazon eStore existed. And then, now you hear that there are Amazon Certifications that can land you an excellent new job with an outstanding salary package. You might have gone all bonkers wondering how a marketplace store can give out certifications.

Amazon Web Services is nothing related to buying or selling home décor or clothing online. It’s a different deal. But AWS is a subsidiary company of Amazon, which provides cloud hosting and computing services to anyone who needs cloud space, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Following the pandemic, the relevance of cloud systems increased by several folds, and Amazon tops the list of Cloud Platforms.

What are the Highlights of a Career in AWS?

Starting in 2006, AWS has had the upper hand in Cloud Computing Companies. According to statistics, Azure and Google Cloud are their competitors, but they lay far behind AWS. With the sudden increase in remote jobs, most companies have diverted to cloud storage systems to enable employees to work collaboratively. By securing a job in AWS, you will be ensuring your future, as the future is cloud computing itself.

The AWS certificate is a tag on your capacity to be able to work on cloud systems and deploy solutions to cloud-related issues. According to recent reports from LinkedIn, AWS professionals are in the most demand for job openings. With the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification, you can apply for any job that requires cloud knowledge as the primary qualification.

Prerequisites for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Before you delve more into AWS Certification as a fresher, it is essential to know about the required skill set. This is the right career path if you have a technical or software background. In the current IT scenario, finding a job with just an Engineering degree is difficult. Soon after passing your degree certification, you can top up your resume with an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate.

Check this AWS Cloud Practitioner exam guide to explore the latest AWS CCP syllabus, exam pattern, exam fee, registration & preparation tips.

On the other hand, there are no strict rules on the prerequisite for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam. Those who do not possess any official technical learning can also venture into a career in AWS. The only requirement is to be determined to gain knowledge through education.

1) Understand Cloud Computing

Most of us are new to the term cloud services. This ignorance is not grave and should not be a discouraging factor. There are several sources through which you can understand cloud computing and why businesses rely on cloud platforms for their operations and storage. There are several easily accessible ways to gain basic knowledge about cloud systems.

  1. YouTube Videos: Several short videos can be found that explain the basic concept of using cloud systems. Do not go for detailed videos, as you might get confused. All you need is understanding.
  2. Web Articles: If you are the reader type, then there is limitless information online about Cloud technology, why it is named so, why business are moving their data to online servers, etc.
  3. Podcasts: One thing about podcasts is that they are rather exciting, and you can know the latest information about the topic of talk.
  4. Webinar: Sign up for a couple of webinars related to the basics of cloud platforms, and the knowledge gained will be significant. You also get the chance to clear your doubts.

2) Familiarise with AWS

Even if you are a technical person and understand the cloud system, you still need to know about AWS cloud and why it holds the top level. The best place to gain knowledge about AWS is on the AWS website. They have a well-structured content placement making it easy to navigate from one piece of information to the next.

You can also surf around to learn about the companies that work on AWS and list the Fortune 500 companies associated with AWS. This list will give you the required motivation to stay on your career path.

3) Learn the Operating Systems

Cloud computing covers divergent categories under it and is not a single service. Learning operating systems like Linux and Windows is mandatory, with several operations in the cloud system.

  • Linux is the main prerequisite when it comes to AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. Linux is preferred for its scalability factor in the AWS system for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. 
  • Short-term Linux Basics free courses can be found online, and this will lay your foundation before you take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Training Course. 
  • Your knowledge of Linux will give you the advantage of basic understanding.

4) Gain a Basic Picture of Networking

In cloud computing, several systems remotely access information from a base server. This itself depicts the importance of networking in the cloud platform. Every single operation is directly or indirectly linked to networking. In the AWS basics, you should know some basics like

  • What are public and private networks?
  • How does IP address function?
  • The connection between the cloud and the internet.

Knowing the essential things and networking terminologies will be helpful in your AWS learning path.

5) Experience in the AWS Cloud

Even if you are diligent and learn all the concepts and topics under the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Syllabus, you might still be unable to pass the exam. This is because the exam is mostly scenario based. AWS requests that all candidates have at least six months of hands-on experience in the AWS system. It is not confined to technical expertise. You can even work on financial, sales, or managerial sections.

  1. Challenge Labs

You can sign up, enter the AWS console, and work on real scenarios. There is a nominal sign-up fee but no other surprise bills. The freshers can attempt the easy labs, where the system presents a challenge and a set of instructions to follow. You get to solve some real engaging scenarios and gain problem-solving capacity, which is a prerequisite for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification.

  1. Set up Free Tier Account

Setting up an AWS Free Tier Account can be tricky so that you do not end up with huge bills. You can use this along with your online AWS Cloud Practitioner Course. They will have tutorials on how to set up the account and hands-on video tutorials. There are simple ‘AWS Getting Started’ exercises on the AWS website to help you get started with your hands-on experience.

  1. Join as a Junior or Intern at a Job

After you have completed an AWS Cloud foundation training course, you can join as a junior employee to build your skill set. You can even participate as a volunteer with a small company, start-up, or NGO. Freelancing with Upwork or is also recommended to gain experience. This will also be an attractive add-on to your resume.

What Features To Look for in an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Training Course?

Every AWS Exam has its associated learning guide on the AWS website. This guide defines a fixed syllabus with weightage and objectives. Even if you have a base technical knowledge, you still need to take a guided course to prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam. As the foundational certification for AWS, you must make sure that you choose the right aws training platform to pass the exam and gain the base knowledge for your future career path.

  1. Clear Study Plan

The study plan provided by the course provider should have covered all the objectives of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Syllabus.

  1. Check the User Rating

Genuine reviews will help shortlist the right course from the many choices available.

  1. Projects & Exercises

Hands-on training is the key phrase to look for. The more hours of practical training, the better the course.

  1. Mock Exams

Look for at least three guided mock exams. You can always find your way through free online mock exams later.

  1. Free Trial

You can always take a free trial with most course providers. This will give a deeper insight and help you make the final decision.

Choosing the training course might seem trivial due to the affordable course fees. But be aware that this includes your time also. The sooner you gain the Cloud Practitioner cert, the closer you are to your dream career.

Final Thoughts

All that information might seem a little overwhelming. But the definite domains of the syllabus and sticking to the study plan can make it easy to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam on the first attempt. It is the foundational preparation for better career pathways and more AWS certifications in the future if you are passionate about the AWS platform.

With a few months of engaged learning, you could earn a hefty salary in about six months. Moving up the AWS career path will open up more lucrative job roles and salaries by taking one step at a time. Good Luck!