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Are you aware of the most recent developments in this area? Are you familiar with the detailed summary of Prey, a film that was recently released?

Films can be a rich source for entertainment, and Worldwideviewers will learn many things from them. While some films are intended to entertain, others can be used to tell the truth about our society. We will however, provide all relevant details regarding the Prey movie, including Prey2022 Rotten Tomatoes.

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We found the Rotten Tomatoes link that described Prey 2022’s positive reactions. It also received a 92% Tomatometer rating, based on 158 reviews as well as an 83% audience score based upon over 500+ ratings. These values can be seen in the popularity of the film and the admiration it has received.

This sequel was a success and has been trending on social media, raising many questions about the film. If you are looking for more information about Prey 2022, please take a look at the section below.

Prey Parents Guide Details

Deep research revealed that the film was tagged with an R-rating. This means that it contains excessive violence and inappropriate activities, making it unsuitable for children. The 2022 Prey film has some scenes with poor language that may be considered inappropriate for children. According to reliable sources, Prey was rated R for extreme foul play. Parents will decide whether their children should watch the film with them.

We did however learn some helpful tips while looking at a link to Prey imdb Parents Guide. These include recommending that parents first watch the film and then explaining to their children why they should not. You can also refer to appropriate and beneficial films for all ages if you’re a parent. We have only provided information from reliable sources and are not suggesting that parents allow their children to watch the film. Every parent should follow the rules when watching any film.

Additional Information

After looking into Prey IMDb 2022 more, we found that Dan Trachtenberg directed Prey and Patrick Aison wrote it. It is also based on John and Jim Thomas’ Predator series. It is therefore the prequel to the previous films and the fifth installment of the franchise.

Prey has a 7.2/10 star rating on IMDb. According to one source, Prey premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 21 July 2022. It was then released yesterday by 20th Century Studios as an original Hulu film.


This article was Prey2022 Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb has the latest information. Parents will decide whether their children enjoy the film, but we recommend that they follow the proper guidelines. More information about Prey-2022 can be found here.

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