Do you have difficulty solving the wordle puzzles? Wordle is a word-guessing game that has been popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Wordle tasks can seem simple enough, but sometimes it is not. This time however, people were frustrated by a tricky word. Please read the following post to learn more.

What’s the right answer to this puzzle?

Wordle’s challenge has stumped players. People are guessing words such as Prion, privy and price. However, all of this is incorrect. PRIMO is the correct answer to the wordle puzzle of 361 words.

Many players correctly guessed the Prion Game word, but many were wrong. It might have ended their streaks, but we have given you the correct word so you can continue winning.

Clues and Hints to the Correct Word

These are some tips for solving the wordle puzzle if you’re still having trouble.

  • It has two vowels.
  • It begins with P and ends in O
  • Another vowel to use is I.

For your convenience, skip to the solution we have already provided if you are still stuck. You also guessed Prion as an answer. Definition Prion Protein is what causes brain disease. Primo is the correct answer, which refers to high quality and significant.

How do you play Wordle?

We recommend this game to everyone who hasn’t played it yet. It’s easy and enjoyable.

  • You’ll get six chances to guess the correct word.
  • Enter 5 letters words you believe could be the right answer, and press enter.
  • The boxes will change in color as you type to indicate if you are correct.
  • It will turn gray if you use the wrong word, as many people did with Prion Wordle ,. If the correct word is used, it will turn green. However, if the wrong word is used, it will turn yellow.

Although the rules for the wordle game seem simple, it can sometimes be challenging to find the right word.


We have summarized this post by providing our readers with the correct solution to the wordle puzzle as well as some clues and hints to help you guess it if you’re trying to solve it yourself.