QR Codes for Movie Theaters: How to Modernize Your Cinema Experience

After years of collecting dust and sitting empty, movie theaters are now reopening as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Avid movie-goers and film junkies can finally have the full cinema experience, complete with popcorn and soda. However, this renewed start may not be as easy.

In the US, movie theater sales were down by 60.5% in 2020, while Netflix’s revenue alone was up by 24.01% in the same year. This newfound competition makes it more difficult for the industry to grow from what it once was — but using an effective QR code generator online may help.

Modernizing the cinema experience through QR codes can greatly increase your sales. Here’s how.

1. Show the film’s schedule through QR codes

Catching the film on time is a challenge for some moviegoers. Using QR codes is more convenient as people can see the theaters’ schedule or programming, and set their schedules according to the movie’s running time.

While you’re at it, make it easier for customers to book tickets online. Hitting two birds with one stone, this can drive up traffic to your website, too.

To encourage more people to scan the QR code, you can even incentivize them with a discount. 

2. Use QR codes to check-in easily

Gone are the days of paper tickets, which can be misplaced easily if the movie is still scheduled later on in the day.

A great way to utilize QR codes is for uncomplicated check-in. If the tickets are booked online through QR codes, it only makes sense that tickets are in the form of QR codes, too!

On the business side, this also eliminates the need for ushers. This decreases your overhead costs and increases your net revenue. This may help you recover better from financial losses during the pandemic.

3. Hassle-free cashless payments with QR codes

Cashless payments have also seen a significant rise in popularity during the pandemic — and it looks like it’s here to stay. Capitalize on them and make cashless payments through QR codes, available both online and offline.

QR code cashless payments also lessen interaction, decreasing the chance of COVID-19 transmission. After all, the pandemic isn’t really over just yet; restrictions have just eased. 

4. Promote movie trailers through QR codes

Displaying posters is a classic promotion for movie theaters. It used to be the only way to tell what the film is about.

As the industry modernizes over time, leading viewers directly to the trailer through a video QR code have become a more effective way to excite viewers with an audio-visual experience.

For other promotional materials like an interactive game related to the movie, posting video QR codes can also encourage people to consider watching the movie. This can help the campaign yield better results and even increase sales.

5. Receive movie and customer reviews

Customer feedback is always crucial to businesses. Be it their theater experience or thoughts about the movie, leaving QR codes where customers can leave their opinions anonymously, can help you improve your services in the long run.

Regardless of how and where you use QR codes to modernize movie theaters, make sure to use an advanced QR code generator as QRTIGER online. It’s easy to use and can create a code in just a few simple steps.