Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch Resolving Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch:

The Government of Argentina launched a website that allows you to register for gas subsidies and update your information. It was launched on the 16th of July 2022. It is mandatory to register on the MIArgentina (or app) for citizens who are eligible for benefits such as Universal Child Allowance, Empower Work and Progresar.

The website is displaying an error message Que ESRf Token Missmatch, but citizens are still experiencing technical problems.

About CSRF token Error:

Any internet browser automatically assigns a Cross-Site Request Forgery Token to a website. The CSRF token can be used to detect spoofing attempts during user login.

Secondly, the CSRF message is triggered if the web browser fails to create secure cookies for a specific website. In this instance, it will be the MIArgentina website.

The error message will also be displayed if your browser has set up secured cookies but the website can’t access them.

The presence of third-party privacy extension is the final reason for Que significa Csrf Mismatch. It prevents any website from accessing cookies stored on the user’s computer. CSRF error can also be caused by the option to block ads or web page scripts.

What does it mean?

Cookies containing user data are stored on websites that store them. These cookies contain user ID, password, and user name in encrypted form. These cookies allow you to log in automatically the next time that you visit the same website.

Cookies make it easier to remember your User ID, User name and password, as well as contact information and payment details. The Que ESRf Token Mismatch, and cookies information are encrypted and stored securely so that authorized websites can access them in a highly secured environment.

It is possible to leak user data if cookies are not stored securely or allowed to be accessed on any website.

A Simple Resolution:

Most cases of CSRF error can be resolved by refreshing the webpages several times. This will result in an automatic token allocation to a website by your web browser.

If the problem persists, you will need to clear your browser history and cookies.

Resolving Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch:

  1. In any web browser that you use, go to the settings.
  2. You can access the privacy section in the settings.
  3. Clear cookies/browser data by clicking on the button.
  4. While you can choose to delete data in a specific time period, it is best to remove all cookies.


Users who attempted to access the MIArgentina website were confused by the CSRF error. You can also download the MIArgentina mobile application from Google Play or Apple Store, and register for subsidies. People who are not familiar with computers may submit an application in person to the ANSES office. This can be done by calling the closest Comprehensive Care Unit (UDAI) and booking an appointment.