Questions to ask before booking a wedding venue 

The choice of wedding venue is certainly one that is worth taking a great deal of time and effort over. After all, once you have chosen one, you are certainly locked in. Therefore, you need to think about the questions that you are going to ask before making your mind up. These will help you to make all your final clarifications and will put you in a much better position to make a decision. 

What dates are available?

As well as all the more complicated questions that you could ask, you also need to think about the basics as well. This certainly starts by making sure that the dates you want are actually available in the first place. Otherwise, there isn’t really much of point going any further along the road. 

How many guests can you accommodate?

Hopefully before you actually start checking out a wedding reception venue, you will have a fairly good idea of how many people you have coming along in the first place. For this reason, it is certainly going to be worthwhile making sure that you have a wedding venue that fits in line with what you have planned. You don’t want to end up being disappointed. Also, there is no point in hiring out a venue that is simply too big as you will just be paying more money than you need to. 

What catering facilities are available? 

It is certainly worth looking at the catering facilities that are available as well. After all, this makes such a big difference to the big day. Ultimately, a venue with proper catering facilities can help to take away so many of the headaches. However, you also need to consider it from the point of view that if you are wanting to bring in your own food or catering facilities, this is something that you are actually going to be allowed to do. 

Is there a wedding coordinator available?

You may be planning the big day yourself, but you are still going to need to ensure that you are working closely alongside the venue itself. Therefore, it is certainly going to be worthwhile making sure that you have a single point of contact. If you are looking for more of an involvement from the venue, it is certainly going to be worthwhile asking how much they are able to take on board. 

Are there different wedding packages?

Another one of the points to bear in mind comes down to the wedding packages that the venue may be offering. This is often the case when the venue is used to hosting a number of weddings during the course of the year. 

All of these are certainly among the different questions that are more than worth asking before you actually book a wedding venue. Ultimately, it’s worth asking as many questions until you’re comfortable that the choice that you’ve made is a wise one that works well for your big day.