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Are you familiar with AGM-114 Hellfire R9x Hellfire, a missile with kinetic warheads that was specifically designed for the US, is available. People Worldwide want to learn more about the missile, its specs, and how it’s used. This missile is used primarily in war situations. Wiki will keep you informed about the missile and people are talking a lot.

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What is R9x?

The R9x was manufactured by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing in 1974. It is a Hellfire missile with sharp blades. This precision weapon, which weighs in at 45 kg, was specifically designed to be used for anti-armor purposes. It can be used as surface-to–surface or air-to–surface missiles and costs around US$ 150,000. We will be discussing the recent use of this missile by the US to kill a terrorist. It has become a hot topic and people are looking for its use.

Why R9x is in Trend?

The Hellfire R9X anti-tank missile was used to kill Al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zahiri. He was a prominent terrorist and was the principal plotter in the terrorist attack on 9/11. This weapon was used by the Central Intelligence Agency to kill Zawahiri in Afghanistan on July 31, 2022. They completed their mission, which was a major achievement for both the US and the nation. It became a popular topic. We will also share specifications for the R9x missile.

Specifications for R9x

We discovered that the missile is equipped with multiple features, based on our research using Wiki. Some readers don’t know the specifications. We will now share all the details that describe this weapon’s strength.

  • Length: 1.6m
  • Diameter: 180 mm
  • Engine: Solid fuel rocket; Thiokol TX-657
  • Wingspans: 0.33 m
  • Guidance system: Semi-active laser homing and millimeter-wave radar seeker
  • Type: surface-to-surface; air-to-surface
  • Mass: 45 to 49 kg
  • Unit Cost: In FY 2021, its unit cost is US$150,000
  • Originated in the United States

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Variants for R9X Missile

There are many versions of the missile with different specifications. These are some of the variants:

  • AGM-114A
  • AGM-114B/C
  • AGM-114F/FA
  • AGM-114K/K2/K2A (Hellfire II)
  • AGM-114L Hellfire
  • AGM-114M
  • AGM-114N
  • AGM-114P/P+
  • AGM-114R
  • AGM-114R9X


We have summarized this post and provided the details of the Hellfire antitank missile weapon. These weapons were used to kill Zawahiri , the chief of Al Qaeda. Many people are curious about the weapon that the CIA uses. We have provided every detail about this weapon including its specifications and variants. This is an informative post. We have also updated you with details about the weapon.

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