Polo shirts are now an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. They look well on the majority of males and are adaptable and comfy. But when it comes to choosing which brands to purchase, there is just one option: the luxury brand Ralph Lauren. When you need to dress up your best to make an impact, you should choose Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirts. T-shirts by Ralph Lauren are the ideal addition to your collection. Lets dive into why Ralph Lauren is the go-to brand of polo shirts in this article.

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Designs

There are several variations of Ralph Lauren polo shirts. It has undergone several changes and evolutions since it was first introduced in the year 1972 to meet the evolving demands of both sportsmen and fashionable men. In reality, there are hundreds of options for males wanting to add a new polo T-shirt in their wardrobe due to the enormous range in colors, designs, and fabrics offered by Ralph Lauren. However, we’ll be dividing the three primary sizes and the two main materials available in 2022 to guide you about Ralph Lauren polo shirts for men.

Ralph Lauren Classic Fit

The original fit from Ralph Lauren is the loosest of all. The shirt features a large, boxy body and long, nearly elbow-length sleeves. Only if you are really out of form or have a muscular body that you require the wide boxy fit and larger arms is this fit appropriate. Since there is extra fabric used in this fit, tucking your shirt in is not recommended because it will make you appear much larger than you are by emphasizing the size of your torso. What’s better is to employ the “half-tuck” technique, which will shorten the Ralph Lauren polos shirt without giving it a “mushroom” appearance. The original fit from Ralph Lauren is definitely not the ideal option for your upcoming important presentation or hot date. However, it will function just fine when you are chilling or doing yard chores. After all, the comfort that comes with the Ralph Lauren classic fit, it may be quite advantageous also in many circumstances.

Ralph Lauren Custom Slim Fit

For men’s Ralph Lauren polo shirts, the Custom slim fit is the ideal fit for men. Its shorter arm length, sleeker torso, and shorter across the body are ideal for showcasing those biceps. The same size is 1.5′′ shorter in length, 1.5′′ trimmer around the waist, and has a shorter contemporary sleeve length than the Classic fit. The finest feature of the custom slim fit is that you can style it however you want depending on the situation, allowing you to dress it up or down. This fit by Ralph Lauren reveals more of your body, so it’s usually better to stay with darker hues. Wear this design of Ralph Lauren polos with fine tailoring or on a first date. When wearing “skin tight” apparel, the thinner profile will demonstrate your masculine body without coming out as overly effortful. The Custom Slim Fit nevertheless has some torso boxiness in the middle, allowing for movement and preventing you from appearing to be wearing a tight t-shirt.

For males who have a little extra weight in the midsection, the custom slim fit is fantastic. It will help you slim down and seem more appealing in darker colors and get a polo shirt that fits you well.

Ralph Lauren Slim Fit

The slim-fit polo shirt from Ralph Lauren is ideal for short heighted men who have trouble looking decent in bulky apparel. The slim fit design will compliment a lean frame and prevent the undesirable wardrobe malfunctioning appearance since it is 0.5′′ shorter and 1.5′′ trimmer around the waistline.

Just make sure you pair this shirt with narrow pants since anything else will seem excessively large in contrast to the polo’s sleek design. With a bulkier or more muscular body, It is strongly advised to stay away from this cut. When worn by a bigger guy, a narrow fit exposes every bulge and bump and gives the impression that the person is wearing the wrong size clothing.

How To Carry A Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt In Style

Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts are quite versatile in nature. Simply put, you can style it in many different ways to fit your style requirement and the situation.A polo t-shirt may be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. There are several fashion guidelines to go by while wearing anything with a suit to seem put together.

  • To begin with, check that your polo shirt is nicely tucked in. By doing this, you’ll be able to define your waistline and also help your polo from bunching up when you sit down. A half-tuck is when only the front of the shirt is tucked in front of the pants, leaving the back of the shirt exposed.
  • Secondly, pick a polo shirt with a decent design or a plain hue. When worn with jeans, a printed polo t-shirt may appear overly dressed. 
  • Decide on your pair of shoes. While dress shoes will make your clothing appear too done up, sandals give off an excessively relaxed vibe.
  • Last but not least, don’t overlook accessorizing! Your polo shirt and trousers ensemble may be finished off with the perfect watch or bracelet. The objective is to appear carefree and trendy in fashionable clothing, so staying simple and clean is the way to go.


Given how long Ralph Lauren has been around in the fashion industry, it has ingrained itself into the lives of those who care about fashion. Men who prefer to seem put-together for work and parties are known for their love of the Ralph Lauren line of t-shirts and polos. Men surely desire stylish t-shirts made by Ralph Lauren because of the supreme quality it offers as well as looks absolutely luxe when styles are appropriate. Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirts are a wise investment when it comes to dressing up to impress.