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Are you aware of an accident of serious consequence occurred in 2300 Broadway Street yesterday? On the 31st of March 2022 in the morning at 11:00 a.m Corpus Christi police called emergency services, fire and rescue at the block 2300 of Broadway Street and Port Avenue in Corpus Christi (United Sates) to investigate a serious accident.

Four WB Ray High School students are trapped inside the white car with two doors. According to the official responsible for rescue, two students suffered fatal injuries in the accident and two students were taken to the local hospital. To understand why this incident occurred you can go to ” Ray High School Accident.”

Full detail on Accident

Two students of Ray High School died in an accident as they walked to school after a graduation ceremony the following day, and word quickly went out to the entire school. The morning of Tuesday, two male students from the high school died in a car crash.

According to an Corpus Christi ISD press statement the students were headed to school following a graduation ceremony held at the American Bank Centre. As per Corpus Christi police Senior Officer Travis Pace, two other children were injured in the incident and taken to the local hospital to receive treatment.

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As the fire and rescue personnel arrived, the driver of the vehicle was taken away and transported to a hospital in critical state. He was not responding, as was the other male victim, who suffered minor injuries, was talking to officers. two other males passed away in the back of the vehicle, According to Travis Pace, a police officer.

The accident is being investigated by authorities, however they suspect that speed was a factor in the crash. The CCISD crisis counseling team was present to aid pupils and school staff. When they learned of the tragic incident the students were shocked.

Name of the Victims: Ray High School Corpus Christi.

To respect the privacy of the family The names of the students and the condition of the two students who were injured are not released from the school district. According to principal Roxanne Cuevas “the loss of our graduating seniors has hurt our Texan community.” The families those whose loved ones were affected by the tragedy will be in our prayers and thoughts.

Director Roland Hernandez expressed his sympathies to the two seniors as well as their families, stating that they have been blessed by the prayers of the community for our schools during the most difficult time for teachers and all of us across the country.

The Final Thoughts on Ray High School Accident

According to the article the crash caused the deaths of Two Ray High School students in a crash as they walked to campus following graduation rehearsals The news quickly spread across the school. The morning of Tuesday, the students were headed to school following a graduation rehearsals in the American Bank Centre when they were killed in a crash involving a rollover. The accident injured two other students and sent them to the local hospital to be treated.

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