Rbwzz Scam Is This Website Legit Or Not?

Check out the article below to help you determine whether or not the fraud Rbwzz is genuine by looking through the various reviews and other information.

Are you a specky person? Do you enjoy shopping online for glasses or other multi-focal specs? If yes, this article will be a good read for you as we will review the Ray-ban online store for you.

The site appears legitimate and all the features are elegant as well as standard, encouraging, and satisfying. The prices that they show have been a huge hit with users initially, since they’re as if they are in Australia. But, we must be aware of whether Rbwzz is a scam or legitimate?

Is This Website Legit Or Not?

We live in a time where fashion and appearances must be the top priority at all price. Some websites take advantage of this trend, since people don’t bother to double-check their authenticity. However, it is important to look over the information below before you take any action.

  • Domain Creation Domain creation was registered on the 5th of May, 2022. It was a brief time frame.
  • Expiry Date: Website will be shut down on the 05th of May 2023.
  • Trust Index- The trust index is 1.2 C/O which is extremely low.
  • Credibility Score Its trust score stands at just 1% which is also very poor.
  • Contact Information Contact information is available however, they are not listed on the website.
  • Reviews There are a few Reviews from Rbwzz accessible on the official site.
  • Owner’s Information Some sources have spoken about the identity of the owner.
  • Connections – It is secured by the HTTPS protocol.
  • Other Scores This site has extremely large malware and phishing along with spam and malware scores.

All About Rbwzz.Com-

Rbwzz.com is an Malaysian domain that has a website offering an extensive selection of authentic Ray-ban sunglasses and other multifocal and flare-like specs at a reasonable price.

It’s an online store that offers secure delivery and payment partners that draw customers’ attention to them. They offer attractive discounts that can be at least 90 percent off. This raises the issue about whether Rbwzz is a scamor genuine.

Specifications Of Rbwzz.Com-

  • Website- https://www.rbwzz.com/
  • Creation date- 05/05/2022
  • Expiration date- 05/05/2023
  • Contact details-
  • Phone- +60.389966788
  • Fax- +60.389966788
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address Address Lot 2 incubator 1 technology park Malaysia, Bukit, Jalil.
  • Owner’s InformationOwner’s Detailsit has been referred to as Domain administrator in many locations.
  • Return and Refund Policy Return And Refund Policy They provide a 3-day to exchange or return the item if there are color and size issues. If the item appears damaged or worn they’ll reverse the refund. Additionally, payments made with credit cards will be 15 cents per and refunded.

Pros That Indicate Is Rbwzz Scam Or Legit-

  • The site has a secure domain using the HTTPS protocol.
  • They will exchange the products for free, without any additional shipping charges or shipping costs.
  • The address of the owner and contact details are true and operational.
  • Customer-friendly policies- shipping and delivery all over the globe within a very short period of time, i.e. 3-7 days.

Cons Of Rbwzz.Com-

  • The creation of the website is temporary, and will be due to expire soon.
  • They trade in various currencies. For instance, they offer their merchandise in Australian currency and shipping charges are paid in US dollars.
  • There is no other website that has any reviews about their products.
  • Refund and return policies aren’t always easy.

What is Rbwzz’s reviews?

The opinions of customers about reviewed products aids other users in obtaining more information. They are vital because they play an important role in a brand’s marketing and endorsements in the future. They’re crucial for the future buyers.

If we go to on their site, we’ll be able to see some reviews that appear to be genuine. The majority of reviews are so great that you’ll be tempted to click the buy now’ button as fast as you can. However, after looking over the complete details, we’re able to affirm that it is Rbwzz a scam and if it is. As you can see, all reviews are dated prior to the creation of the site.

The section that deals with reviews In the section on writing reviews, it is mentioned that you must wait for approval first and then only reviews will be posted online. Furthermore, no reviews that have been submitted post-creation date will be displayed on this site. Click here to find out how you can remove PayPal fraud.

The Last Words-

Based on our research Based on the research, we can say “Yes” to the question What is the truth? Rbwzz a scamor genuine? We are unable to answer that question because a lot of the essential information are not available as the current information seems to be fabricated. Additionally, we suggest using the genuine websites for online shopping.