Teleradiology outsourcing involves the sending of radiology information of the patient to experts online. These experts then proceed to make a diagnosis and prepare the reports remotely. Needless to say, teleradiology outsourcing has transformed the way patients are cared for.  For one, it has saves plenty of time for the different healthcare centers. Moreover, it has made second opinion more affordable.

The reason teleradiology outsourcing services is much sought after is the lack of radiologists in countries like USA, UK, & Singapore. At the same time, there are several patients undergoing scans, and waiting for their results since long. This, for obvious reasons, is bound to have a negative impact on patient care.

The best benefit of outsourcing teleradiology is that healthcare givers can receive prompt diagnosis of the scan in situations of emergency.

It’s no surprise that by 2026 the worldwide teleradiology market is all set to grow at CAGR of 18.4%. In fact, many countries prefer to outsourcing their radiology reporting to India, in order to receive on-time and accurate diagnosis. 

Why Is India One Of The Key Players in Teleradiology Outsourcing

Let us now look over the important reasons that has put India on the map for teleradiology outsourcing: 

Affordable Services

Indian radiologists draw a salary much lower than their counterparts in other countries, especially the developed ones. This brings down the cost of reading medical scans dramatically. 

Able Workers

India has not only a plethora of competent clinicians, but also a formidable workforce of technically skilled people. To make things better, most of these individuals are fluent in English. All these factors go into making them capable providers of radiology consulting services.

Friendly Policies

 India has the distinct advantage of having policies that focuses on bringing in more investments. They have rules and procedures that aren’t too complex. Its tax structure is friendly too.

Technology and Infrastructure

India’s teleradiology outsourcing companies use best in the market technology, in addition to having world-class infrastructure. This helps them to provide high-quality services, with a short turnaround time.

Different Time Zones

Radiologists who work in daytime, stand a better chance of being more accurate at interpreting the images, than those who do it at night. India has the advantage of being in time zone that serves countries like USA perfectly. When it’s night in the USA, it’s broad daylight in India.

There is no denying that the role that India plays in teleradiology outsourcing is growing from strength to strength. It set to make an even bigger impact in the coming time as the demand for it grows. However, it still has the looming challenge of privacy laws tightening around the world. Changes in such laws might restrict the transfer of information from one country to another.