The charming town of Whistler, British Colombia, is a hidden gem located almost a two hours drive away from Vancouver. The picturesque town is not only home to the largest ski resort in North America but is also a popular tourist spot around the year for its scenic landscapes, pragmatic mountain culture, food, shopping, spas, and other recreational activities.

If you are in Vancouver or visiting the city for a while and wish to have a relaxing getaway to unwind, making a day trip to Whistler is exactly what you need. And what better way to enjoy the sightseeing tour than opting for a rent-a-car service and traveling at your will with convenience.

The route to the small town offers many attractions along the way, and if you are wondering how to plan your trip and what worthwhile activities to schedule when in Whistler for a day, we are here to help. This article is a complete guide on all there is to do on your way to and in Whistler and will help you learn why it is worth a visit.

Since Whistler can easily be reached by car, you can rent a car from Ascent Car Rental Vancouver and enjoy the drive as you take in the beautiful and exhilarating ride from downtown Vancouver to Whistler on the Sea to Sky Highway.

The sights on the way to Whistler

To the world, Whistler may be known as a top ski destination. However, that is not all there is to the town, and there is so much you can do if you decide to visit. It will be a trip to remember as you take in the sights of the beautiful mountain ranges, volcanic peaks, the Shannon waterfalls, lakes, and forests as you make your way along the sea to the well-known Sky Highway. Here are some of the sights you can experience when on your way to Whistler.

Shannon Falls

The first pit stop which comes highly recommended is the Shannon Falls. The huge Shannon Falls in Squamish is the third-highest fall in British Colombia; and is located almost 58 kilometers from Vancouver and is visible from the Sea to Sky Highway. The popular sight is one of the most distinguishable features of the region and is a must-visit place if you are in the area.

When on your way to Whistler, you can make a stop at the Shannon Falls Provincial Park and make your way to the viewpoints. The first viewpoint below the falls is a short walking distance away, while the second is a little further down the trail.

As you walk up the hill, you are led to a gravel trail into the forest once you cross the junction. The path will lead you to Shannon Creek, from where you can go up the hill and get a sight of the entire waterfall. You can stop there and take pictures or continue your way to the next viewpoint.

Once you have soaked in the beauty of the wondrous waterfall, it is time to return to your rent-a-car ride and move towards the next destination.

Sea to Sky Gondola

Once you are back on the road and traveling along the Sea to Sky Highway, the next recommended stop is the world-famous Sea to Sky Gondola. It is located along the Highway, around two kilometers south of Squamish. The gondola ride lasts around ten minutes and offers some of the most spectacular views. 

The ride will take you up from the valley along the water’s edge. As you move up, the view opens to reveal pristine waters of the Howe Sound with green islands that appear as dots. In the back, you will see the Coastal Range Mountains and the magnificent dome of the Stawamus Chief. You will also get to see Squamish and the snow-capped mountains in the north in all their glory.

The ride takes you to the Summit Lodge. You can take pictures at the Sky Pilot Suspension bridge and hike along the trails if you want to spend more time there. 

However, if you are eager to get to Whistler, it is time to get back in your Ascent car rental vehicle and get on the Highway. 

What to do in Whistler

Once you are back on the road, it may take you forty minutes or so to get to Whistler village. There are multiple activities you can indulge in once you reach.

Hiking and sightseeing

Since Whistler is known for its hiking trails, you can opt for the activity to enjoy the natural beauty of the lakes, rivers, and environment. There are easy as well as challenging walking terrains for all to enjoy. A walk in nature is bound to relax and unwind you. 

If you are in the mood for sightseeing, check out the beautiful Green Lake and Rainbow park and enjoy the beautiful sights.

Lost Lake Activities

You can also check out the activities around the famous Lost Lake. You can hike, swim or ride a bicycle if you visit in the summer. If you happen to go in the winter, you can also check out skiing or snowshoeing activities. Similarly, if you are the adventurous kind, do check out zip-lining and other such activities.

Shopping and dining

If you are looking for some downtime, you can also check out one of the spas for an ultimate relaxing experience. Even a day trip allows you ample time to explore and enjoy the Whistler village. You can check out the various shops and boutiques if you are in the mood for shopping. 

Whistler is home to many fine restaurants, and you will find plenty of dining options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From casual to formal, you will find a huge variety. Relish the exquisite cuisine as you take in the sights of the village and enjoy the ambiance.

Why rent a car from Ascent Car Rental

While a day trip to Whistler is not enough to explore all it has to offer, we hope the article was a helpful guide on all the town’s main features. 

We also believe there is no right or wrong way to visit a new destination, but some tips and tricks can improve the experience. Having a car at your disposal gives you the liberty to move at your will and be flexible in planning the itinerary the way you want, particularly if you are on a schedule.

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