Rick Dickert Wife Stephanie Rae, Age, Bio, Children, Family, Career

Rick Dickert’s confident voice is often heard on KTTV FOX 11, Los Angeles, when we want to hear the latest weather updates. Rick Dickert has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and is a familiar face in many homes. Who is he outside of the screen? We’ll delve deeper into Rick Dickert’s life, his family and his achievements.

Rick Dickert: Who is he?

Rick Dickert is a leading authority in broadcast meteorology. Since joining KTTV FOX 11 Los Angeles, in October 1990 he has been the most reliable source of weather updates for LA residents. He has also been a key presence in the FOX Morning news & Good day L.A. segments when breaking news is covered by SkyFOX helicopter.

He doesn’t just learn about weather dynamics from books. Since January 2005, he has been an aviation surface weather observor at Ibex Weather. He is a meteorologist who excels in academic pursuits. Rick earned degrees in geography and meteorology at San Jose State University and UCLA before going on to be accepted as a full member of the American Meteorological Society since 1994, reflecting both his professionalism and expertise.

Who Is Rick Dickert’s wife?

Rick has a rich personal life that extends beyond his TV career and accolades. He has a happy marriage to Stephanie Rae. Stephanie is not well-known, but it’s clear that she has a major role in Rick’s daily life. They seem to share a bond of mutual love and respect. The fact that they can stand the test time is a testimony to true love.

Children – Allyssa Dickert and Ambre dickert

Rick Dickert is the proud father of two daughters, Allyssa Dickert and Ambre. Both daughters are from his former marriage with Raquel Dickert. The Dickerts are living proof that despite the challenges of blended families, love and understanding will make it work.

Allyssa has celebrated her 30th Birthday. Ambre, on the other hand celebrates her birthday every year on May 30th. Ambre recently began a new chapter in her life when she married K.Fontaine22. This happy occasion has further cemented the Dickert’s family bond.

Rick Dickert’s Wedding Details

Rick, who is a well-known public figure, prefers to keep some details of his private life under wraps, such as his wedding. It’s commendable that Rick respects his privacy, particularly in an increasingly intrusive world. It’s clear that Rick and Stephanie have a relationship that has lasted for years. They continue to encourage and support each other.


Rick Dickert is a familiar face to many who are interested in weather and news updates. Rick Dickert is a man of great depth, passion, and commitment. From his meteorology contributions, to his roles as devoted husband and father, Rick’s life shines brightly.


  1. What is Rick Dickert all about?
    • Rick Dickert has been a certified broadcast weatherman for KTTV FOX11 Los Angeles since October 1991.
  2. Where did Rick Dickert go to school?
    • He studied at San Jose State University, and UCLA with a major in geography and meteorology.
  3. What is the wife of Rick Dickert?
    • Rick Dickert and Stephanie Rae have a strong relationship based on respect and love.
  4. Rick Dickert has children or not?
    • Rick Dickert has two daughters, Allyssa Dickert and Ambre Dickert. They are from his former marriage with Raquel Dickert.
  5. Is Rick Dickert’s marriage details public?
    • Rick respects Stephanie Rae’s privacy and keeps his wedding details private.