Robert Kardashian Cause Of Death How Did Robert Kardashian Sr Die? What Happened to Him?

Robert Kardashian Sr. lived a life of fame, law and tragedy. He is best remembered as being involved with OJ Simpson and as patriarch to the Kardashian family, making a name for himself as both. But ultimately his battle against an incurable illness claimed his life.

Who was Robert Kardashian Sr.

Robert Kardashian Sr. made headlines first as a successful entrepreneur, lawyer and father. At all points in his life, Simpson led an active and healthy lifestyle – free from smoking or drinking, dedicated to family life, and highly educated. Early years were defined by strong academic performance – at USC he met fellow football player O.J. Simpson whom would become his closest ally throughout their lives together. Both created lasting bonds through mutual admiration for one another which became key components in building lasting friendships that endured decades.

What happened to Robert Kardashian Sr.

Kardashian joined O.J. Simpson’s legal team during his high-profile trial for murder and caused much speculation and controversy by activating her law license again to join Simpson’s defence team, sparking much discussion and debate about this move. After leaving courtroom proceedings behind, Kardashian ran her business outside until being diagnosed with serious health problems that altered his lifestyle dramatically.

Robert Kardashian Sr. Die?

The news that Robert Kardashian Sr. had aggressive cancer was a shock for his family as well as the public. At 59 years old, this event occurred at a moment when their name was synonymous with celebrity status.

Robert Kardashian Sr. Cause of death

Robert Kardashian Sr. battled an aggressive form of cancer called esophageal carcinoma which accounts for roughly one percent of cancer diagnoses nationwide and died two months post diagnosis due to its untreatable nature – leaving behind both professional accomplishments as well as personal heartbreak as part of his legacy.

The Legacy of Robert Kardashian Sr.

His children will carry on his legacy, which goes beyond his celebrity connections and legal career. Kim Kardashian has spoken often about the profound impact her father’s influence had on her, which inspired her to enter the legal profession. This influence was evident in her passing the baby bar on her fourth try.

As can be seen in the public photos and personal notes, Kim Kardashian was a close friend to his father. Kanye created a holographic image of him for Kim’s birthday.

A Reflection on Esophageal Cancer

Robert Kardashian Sr. lived a life full of legal drama and glitter; yet his death brought home the stark reality that 15,000 Americans die annually from pancreatic cancer – although new therapies may soon emerge according to The New York Times.

Robert Kardashian Sr’s life and death was marked by celebrity, legal expertise and tragedy. His story touched upon universal themes such as friendship, family life and health pursuit; one can only hope that as medical science progresses esophageal cancer — the condition which claimed such an influential individual — becomes obsolete in time.


1. How did Robert Kardashian Sr. Die?
Robert Kardashian Sr. died of esophageal carcinoma on September 30, 2003 after a short battle with the illness.

2. When did Robert Kardashian die?
Robert Kardashian Sr., who died of esophageal carcinoma at the age of 59, was a 59-year-old man.

3. Robert Kardashian Sr. was ill for a very long time?
He died only two months after being first diagnosed with esophageal carcinoma.

4. Robert Kardashian Sr. had any health problems before his cancer?
Before his diagnosis of esophageal carcinoma, there were no major health concerns that had been made public.

5. What was the impact of Robert Kardashian Sr.’s death on his family?
His death had a profound impact on his family, particularly his children who frequently spoke about his influence.