Robert Lewis vs Ken  Ken Buck, who is he?

Are you interested in politics in the USA? Are you familiar with ken buck? Ken Buck is an American politician, lawyer, and politician. Since 2015, he has represented Colorado’s fourth congressional District in the United Statesrepresentative House. Previously, Ken was the Weld County District attorney. He has been in direct competition with Bob Lewis during the Republican assembly.

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Why is it in news?

The eastern region of Colorado is home to Colorado’s fourth congressional district. The district is currently represented by Republican Ken Buck.

It will be the republican assembly election for Colorado’s fourth congressional district. And it was a surprise for Ken Buck. His strong opponent will be Bob Lewis, as the state has named him. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican Party chairman, will be running for reelection for the fifth consecutive time. Bob Lewis, a well-known activist, will challenge Ken Buck. All over the internet, the news about Robert Lewis and Ken Buck Colorado went viral.

Ken Buck, who is he?

Kenneth Robert Buck was conceived on February 16, 1959. He is a US politician and lawyer. Ken Buck was also one of the 126 Republican members that signed an amicus brief December 2020. He is also a key figure in the foreign relations and judiciary committees, and he was the founder of Freedom from big Teck.

Robert Lewis, who is he?

Robert Lewis, also known as Bob Lewis is running for Republican Primary on June 28, 2022. He is an activist and real estate broker from Elbert County. He also criticised Ken Buck in many other ways.

Robert Lewis and Ken ?

Both have made their vision and promised in their campaigns. Voters need to analyze the priorities of candidates running for elections. Bob Lewis and Ken Buck have their priorities. Ken Buck is determined to secure borders, reduce inflation, relax working families and combat big Teck giants. In an interview with a news station, he also spoke about how he would implement these missions.

Bob Lewis claims he will provide energy independence, parental independence and food independence for all. However, the Robert Lewis vs Ken Buck Colorado competition will be fascinating and extraordinary, as no one has taken the election seriously since 2010.


We have summarized all information about the Colorado fourth congressional district Republican primaries, which will be held on June 28, 2022. On the GOP primary ballot, Robert Lewis was ahead of Ken Buck. Lewis did criticize Buck however, claiming that he was a conspiracy theorist.

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