Role of Repair Tracking Software in A Cell Phone Repair Shop


Role of Repair Tracking Software in A Cell Phone Repair Shop

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Running a cell phone repair shop means handling multiple tasks simultaneously, which is not entirely possible manually. Now you have a bundle of cell phone repair tracking software in the market to help you automate your repair shop. This software allows you to keep track of your various operations in a repair shop like:

  • Ticket Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management

A Mobile phone repair shop performs cell phone repairs along with selling cell phone accessories. So, adapting repair shop software is critical to running your repair shop efficiently because it will assist the repair shop technicians and owners in performing tasks effortlessly.

Let’s walk you through the crucial role which repair tracking software play in a cell phone repair shop.

Ticket Tracking

First on the list is ticket management. Ticket creation is not a big deal; all you have to do is add the customer’s data and save it. However, after the ticket creation, you have to assign it to a technician, attach cell phone repair parts, and update its progress to the customer. That’s tricky because you can create a ticket successfully but cannot track its progress and update customers. Here maintenance ticketing software helps you.


Information Saving

First, whenever you create a ticket, it saves all the customer’s data. Here you can track the frequency of their sales because it will be saved in the ticket tracking system. Whenever an existing customer calls, you will have all the data saved in your system. Instead of repeatedly asking for information from them, you can acknowledge them by saying their name and telling them about their repair. This will enhance customer experience and create a sense of satisfaction in them that their cell phone is in the right hands and they care about their customers.

Technician Assigning

After that, you can assign a technician according to the ticket requirement by which you can track all the technician’s progress. The technician will let you know how much time he can repair, and you can communicate that to the customer. It will help you build a trustworthy relationship with the customer, leading to customer loyalty.

Progress Tracking

After assigning the technician and communicating the estimated delivery time to the customer, it’s time to tell the progress actually to your customer. You can do that by sending them progress details of their repairs via call or text. However, if they are a walk-in customer with a minor fault, they can check in on the POS software for the repair store and see their progress live on the screen. After that, they can check out, getting their work done within seconds in front of their eyes.

So, repair shop software makes ticket tracking easy for users and customers!

Inventory Tracking

The cruciality of inventory management is not unknown to the repair shop owners as inventory can make or break a repair shop. But keeping track of hundreds of items, including cell phone repair parts and retail items, is not possible manually. So here, you need help tracking the inventory throughout the sales funnel.

Item Tracking

Every item has a unique barcode or SKU number attached to it. By this, you can track it throughout the inventory. The SKU/barcode information is fed into the system, where the repair tracking software tracks it throughout the inventory process i-e from purchase to sales. This is how you can know how many of your items are used in which part of your inventory. In addition, it gives you an estimation of how many items you have to order next time. However, you cannot lose an item; if so, you will know at which part of inventory your items went missing.

Reordering inventory

You can track your purchase order while making a new one or reordering the same inventory. In addition, the software will tell you in how much time your inventory will reach you.

Reorder Levels

This point is essential for a repair shop because you will lose significant business and customers if you are out of stock. So the software gives you alerts when your inventory is reaching its reorder point. As a result, you can quickly reorder before time and never skip your sales.

Delivery Status

You and your customers can track the delivery. That means if you have sent their repair device or a retail item (accessory), both of you can track its progress and estimated delivery time.

Employee Tracking

Lastly, employee management is an essential part of running a repair shop. However, you cannot manually look over every employee and justify their tasks’ quality and quantity. So for that, POS software for the repair store helps you.

Task Tracking

You can track your technician’s track and mark their KPIs according to it. For example, you would know how many tasks a technician has done over a month or a week. With this information, you can decide on their promotion and appraisal. You can also determine which of your employees needs the training to increase their productivity.


You don’t have to manually notice if your employees are fulfilling their shifts or not. Instead, it is all tabbed in the software, and you can tally the hours at the end of the month. This helps to make the payroll process easy, smooth and transparent.

Hence you cannot ignore the role of repair tracking software in a repair shop. So I suggest you give it a try to one and see the outstanding results!