Are you excited about the huge type of armor protected by Elden rings? Are you interested in knowing the latest update to legendary weapons? If so, read below to find out more.

Users from across the globe have been trying to unravel the significance that will be revealed by the Greatsword. The Rubble is broken up by meteoroids, causing massive destruction.

The information below focuses on the damages caused by the weapon, as well as other information related to the The Ruins Greatsword Ring.

What is Ruins Greatsword?

Ruins Greatsword are the sword of Colossal in the game of Elden Ring. It reigns with the wit and strength. It is able to take advantage of the best by causing massive damage. It is discovered by winning Crucible Knight, and Misbegotten within The Elden Ring game.

The sword was discovered by the Ruins in the beginning. In the event that the player needs power, this weapon falls from the sky.

There is no reason to believe that it uses gravitational force to be a standard weapon skill , and it runs at the rate of up to 15 FP by wind.

The description of the weapon

  • The weapon’s weight is 23 kilograms
  • Physical damage Physical damage
  • Surprising damage 37 is a magical power
  • Critical handling of 100
  • Attack absorption 65
  • Self-Defense as magical 55
  • Protect yourself from heat by using Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Build 50
  • Thunder defence 50
  • Scaling features B range STR and D cup Int
  • Acquiring the attributes 50 STR and 16 Int

Where is This Excellent Sword Ring Found?

When playing the Elden rings, sword craft is made with the aid of meteoroid ore, that is extremely rare to come across. The world of meteors can give enormous strength and intelligence the player. The user must visit specific places to avail the Elden ringsword!

The user has to visit the sacred Caelid town Caelid and discover the direction of the dragon, which is taken from God Slayers website. After being inside the god’s body towers, the user is taken to the mansion fortified by.

How do I get Ruins Greatsword Ring

  • The user must progress through to the castle NPC and then represent the cathedral’s main idea of the red principal idea in order to keep the knight’s sword.
  • In the event of encountering a shady warrior the words are used as a lightning weapon.
  • The player must fight the boss with power and intelligence at the D-level to gain the power of the ability to be incarnated of the sword.
  • After winning over the enemy after which, their honorable PVP would be given the sword of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword build and many other Armaments

In addition to in addition to the Elden ring, many other legendary weapons are available to players. The achievement is made after completing the task to the land. The nine weapons of the legendary feats and can be obtained exclusively from the dragon barrows in the west of the lands.


In conclusion We suggest that our players to play this amazing game. Do you need help to win this game?