Rutherford Car Accident What happened in the accident?

The increasing population resulted in a significant increase in vehicle demand, which indirectly increased the likelihood of accidents. It is devastating to see how young they are, just like the fate of the four boys who were only a few years old.

Are you able to name the names of the four boys? Are you able to tell if these boys survived? Are you able to pinpoint the exact location and time of the tragedy? Did you know that the news came from the United States and Australia. If you didn’t, don’t worry. Just read this article and you’ll find all the answers to your questions about the Rutherford Car Accident .

What was the accident?

The driver of Rutherford, a 17-year-old boy, was found dead. After their car struck a Route 3 utility pole, they were accompanied by three other friends.

John Russo (Rutherford police chief) reported that the driver was killed in the accident. It was also claimed that the three other boys were also 17. The evidence was collected by the bureau of criminal ID and the Rutherford Car Accident was reported to the Bergen county unit.

What happened in the accident?

It happened on Friday afternoon near Wheaton Place, near the marginal road. According to the police officer, the BMW sedan was struck by the pole. Two hours later, firefighters arrived to rescue one passenger trapped by the pole. According to the officer, the incident, which was not suspicious, was a tragic car accident and caused minor injuries while firefighters were rescuing one passenger.

John Russo expressed his gratitude for how firefighters and hospital staff arrived at Rutherford Car Accident on time and spent hours saving lives. Although the name and other details are not known, it is clear that the family was devastated by the events. The vehicle caught fire and crashed into a telephone pole. One boy was trapped. However, it was the firefighters who stopped it at the right time. He wouldn’t have been able to escape if it wasn’t for the fire crew.

Rutherford Car Accident Reactions

The news quickly spread throughout the region after the death of the boy in the car accident. The young boy was killed in the horrific crash that claimed his life. All those present shared their sorrow. The officer also expressed his grief.


This article shows that it is so tragic to watch a young boy lose his life driving with three of his friends the same age. They were all injured but managed to get to the hospital in time. This saved their lives. More Information

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