Sammy The Bull Net Worth 2023, Bio, Age and Persona Life

Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano, an infamous figure in American criminal history, has led a life full of twists and turns. His journey from a street gang member to a key player in the Gambino crime family and eventually a government witness against John Gotti, has been nothing short of cinematic. In this article, we delve into the life of Sammy Gravano, exploring his early years, his rise in the mob world, his controversial role as a government informant, and his life post-mob, including his net worth.

Early Years: What Shaped Sammy The Bull?

Born Salvatore Gravano in 1945 in Brooklyn, New York, Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano’s early life was marked by challenges and pivotal moments that shaped his future. The youngest of three children to Sicilian immigrants, Gravano faced struggles with dyslexia and bullying during his school years. At just 13 years of age, he made his initial foray into crime when he joined Rampers, an influential street gang known for its brutal fighting style – thus earning himself the moniker ‘The Bull.’

Gravano’s stint in the U.S. Army as a mess hall cook in South Carolina was a brief detour from his path towards organized crime. Despite his father’s attempts to steer him away, Gravano was drawn to the underworld, initially joining the Colombo crime family. His early criminal activities included armed robbery, larceny, and hijacking, quickly gaining favor with family boss Joe Colombo. Gravano’s life in organized crime took a significant turn in 1970 with his first murder, signifying the beginning of a notorious career in the mafia.

Rise in the Mafia: How Did Gravano Gain Power?

At 23, Gravano’s entry into the Cosa Nostra marked the start of a significant phase in his life. Gravano first aligned himself with the Colombo family; but soon his ambition and ruthlessness led him into the Gambino family, where his decisiveness played an instrumental role in Paul Castellano’s murder – ultimately catapulting John Gotti to become boss and Gravano to underboss position.

Gravano’s rise within the Gambino family was marked by acts of loyalty, betrayal and bloodshed. His involvement in various criminal activities-such as murder-made him an influential and respected member of mafia world. But Gravano made history when he turned against Gotti as an informant against government corruption – this action not only resulted in Gotti being put behind bars but made Gravano the highest-ranked member to break their sacred omerta code oath and make his mark among others in mafia world omerta code omerta!

Turning Point: Why Did Gravano Become a Government Witness?

The decision to turn against the Gambino family and collaborate with the government was a pivotal moment in Gravano’s life. In 1991, facing a long prison sentence, Gravano agreed to testify against Gotti in exchange for a reduced sentence. His testimony was instrumental in Gotti’s conviction and life imprisonment without parole.

Gravano’s role as a government witness was controversial and marked a significant break from the traditional code of silence in the mafia. His cooperation with the authorities led to the conviction of 39 mobsters and significantly weakened the Gambino family. Gravano’s decision to become an informant was not only a survival strategy but also a betrayal that forever changed the dynamics of organized crime in New York.

Life After the Mob: What Is Gravano’s Net Worth Today?

After his release from prison, Gravano attempted to start anew. He relocated to Arizona under a new identity and even tried his hand at legitimate business. However, old habits die hard, and Gravano soon found himself involved in an ecstasy trafficking ring. His criminal activities eventually led to another arrest and prison sentence.

Despite his criminal endeavors, Gravano’s financial situation has seen highs and lows. His net worth, estimated at $500 thousand, is a far cry from the wealth he once had as a mob underboss. Gravano’s income sources included profits from his book “Underboss,” written with author Peter Maas, and his later ventures in social media and podcasting.

Gravano’s personal life has also seen its share of turmoil. His marriage ended in divorce, and his involvement in crime affected his family, with his wife and daughter being indicted in his drug ring. Despite these challenges, Gravano has made efforts to share his story, participating in interviews and writing about his life in the mafia.


Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano’s life story is a testament to the complex and often dangerous world of organized crime. His journey from a bullied child in Brooklyn to a powerful mafia underboss and eventually a government witness is a tale of ambition, betrayal, and redemption. Today, Gravano’s legacy continues to fascinate, serving as a cautionary tale of the costs of a life in crime.