Santorini Travel Scam How can I tell if it’s a scam?

If you’re not familiar with this scam, Santorini travel Scam check out at this article, which will guide you through what to do in case you encounter frauds.

Do you like to travel across the globe? What will you do when you realize that you’ve wasted your time and money by booking an untrue hotel? We are sure it would be extremely difficult. We will be discussing the scam that can force you to think about ten times before making a booking in your favorite tourist destination.

A lot of individuals who resided in Australia as well as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States were the victims of this scam. This Santorini Travel Scam caused a bad impression on these people.

Was the fraud?

In 2020 , the scam was discovered. On Facebook some one or a group of people shared that they were offering the opportunity to take a trip for free in Santorini, Greece. After reading that post posted on Facebook everyone was in a frenzy and began sharing the post and tag their family and friends. However, they are unaware that this is completely fake information. A Facebook page called Santorini Travel stated that they were celebrating its grand opening for their hotels and resorts in the near future. Therefore, they decided to create something special to the travelers. This Santorini travel Facebook scam was particularly alarming because in their post they stated that if anyone liked their post and made a comment on their post by the 1st of August, they’d receive a prize of seven nights in their five-star hotel for two persons. Winners also get to enjoy their private pool. They’ll even pay for costs for flights.

This means that it was the entire article that was fake. However, the most interesting part regarding this post is that it received 23k likes and nearly 12.7k people shared the post. It was a bit disturbing to observe the impact of this fake post.

What made this Santorini Travel scam make it to the limelight?

This was not the first time fake Facebook post was viewed by millions of people. As per the truth-checking site Snopes the terms utilized in this Santorini scam are very similar to the words used in a previous Santorini scam that occurred in the year 2019.

How can I tell if it’s a scam?

It was a scam as the Facebook page was missing no contact information, and they didn’t even mention the name of the hotel in the post. It’s easy to determine that the entire posting is scam. If the message were genuine it would include the contact details as well as the hotel’s name.

What was the reason that Santorini Travel Facebook Scam take place?

The fraud is an actual instance of “like-farming.”Like-farming is when the administrators of the Facebook page attempt to boost their page’s visibility with a large group of users by telling people to like the page and share posts. If they discover that you’ve shown an interest in their post they instantly contact them and ask that you should share the content in five or ten groups that are active. They crafted the scam to increase their audience.

Summing Up:

Social media scams have not been around for long. There are a lot of scams that are occurring every day. Santorini Travel Scam is one of the scams. A few Facebook scams offered free Android phones and chocolate boxes as well as automobiles. Before making any decision take a look at the following link to know the details about Santorini scams. In addition, you should read the following steps on how to avoid a scam. What do you do in the event you are faced with this type of fraud? Leave a comment below.