In a busy metropolitan city like Bangalore, a lot of people have to face traffic issues every day and that is why daily office goers and delivery executives prefer using bikes for transportation. More importantly, second hand TVS in Bangalore is a preferable option for them because these second hand TVS bikes come at an extremely affordable price when compared to a brand new bike.

You can negotiate the price of the bike if it has any discrepancies.

Another important factor to consider is that not everyone can afford a brand new bike and with the help of second hand TVS in Bangalore they will be able to commute easily every day. However, if you have not purchased a second hand bike earlier then you should gain information about the overall buying process and things to remember while purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore. Let us discuss all of them in detail.

The buying process of second hand TVS in Bangalore

Know your requirements

The first thing you should consider when buying second hand TVS in Bangalore is to know about your requirements. When you are purchasing a bike it is not the only time you are incurring its expense. There are a lot of other expenses involved as well such as insurance for the bike, fuel, maintenance, etc. 

For example, if your main purpose behind purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore is daily commute then you should opt for a fuel-efficient bike. In this case, you won’t need a cruiser bike which is mainly used for long road trips.

Conduct proper research

If you already have a proper idea about your requirement then it is time for you to conduct in-depth research. There are various kinds of second hand TVS models available in the market and as a responsible consumer, you should research each and every option. Furthermore, the price of bikes may also vary depending on the dealer or individual seller.

In this case, you have a better option where you can purchase a second hand TVS in Bangalore from a popular online and well-recognized platform. By purchasing your second hand bike from an online platform, you can skip a lot of tedious processes involved in purchasing a bike.

Bike inspection

Bike inspection is an extremely important part when it comes to purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore. If you have come across any particular TVS model you would like to purchase then it is important to check it thoroughly before you complete the deal. Look at different parts of the bike, and inspect the scratches and dents. For more clarity, you can bring an expert friend or technician with you.

Ask for a test ride

You should not purchase a second hand TVS in Bangalore without a test ride at first because from the outside a bike may look fascinating but without riding it you will not be able to have any idea about its performance. With the help of a test ride, you will be able to get an idea of how it feels to ride that particular second hand bike.

More importantly, you will also get to know about the bike’s overall health and condition with the help of a five-minute test ride. Getting an experienced friend or trusted mechanic to test ride the bike is a good idea if you are a novice.

The chassis number in the bike’s engine and plate should match each other.

Price negotiation

If you are purchasing second hand TVS in Bangalore from an individual seller or dealer then you can negotiate the price of the bike depending on all the factors mentioned earlier. For example, if the bike has not been serviced properly or if it has multiple dents on the outer surface then you can ask the seller to reconsider the bike’s price and reduce it.

Things to remember while buying a second hand bike

Here are some of the things you need to remember while purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore:

Verify the chassis number

In case you are comfortable with the second hand bike and want to proceed further, the next important step for you is to check and verify the chassis number of the bike. It is important that the chassis number in the engine matches the number on the plate. 

Sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the chassis number on older bikes however, an expert mechanic will be easily able to find it. Also, remember that the same chassis will be written on the bike’s registration certificate.

Check the service record

Before purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore you should check the service records of the bike. By checking the servicing record you will have a proper idea about how much maintenance the bike has gone through. 

More importantly, you will also get to know how much money you will have to spend on the bike before using it. If the seller does not have any written record, then you can ask for an approximate value.

Verify all the documents

Document verification is another step that you should not skip while purchasing second hand TVS in Bangalore. Check out if the seller of the second hand bike has the following documents:

  • PUC or pollution under control certificate
  • Sales receipt
  • RTO forms: Form 28, Form 29, and Form 30
  • Bike insurance
  • Registration certificate

Bike insurance

Insuring a bike is a mandatory procedure that you will have to follow even if you are purchasing a second hand bike. If the previous owner already has bike insurance then you should transfer it to your name at the time of purchasing the second hand TVS in Bangalore.

To conclude

Although purchasing a second hand TVS in Bangalore is a good idea to meet your everyday transportation needs, you will have to go through multiple processes to purchase a good quality second hand bike. 

However, you can easily get your hands on a second hand bike if you buy it from an online second hand bike selling platform such as Beepkart. This online platform will ensure that you are receiving a top quality second hand TVS in Bangalore for an affordable price while you won’t have to worry about the paperwork and the quality of the vehicle.