Secrets to Creating Successful Real Estate Videos

Anyone telling you to just make your video to get traction in your real estate business may not be giving you the full picture. From today’s post, you’re going to learn more about making real estate videos that will help you stand out from your competitions and win over new customers. After all, you’re time is way too precious to make videos for the sake of making videos.

Community Videos

If you want to establish yourself as a go-to real estate agent in a certain area, you need to become a digital mayor. You can do this not only by featuring area homes but also by making videos about the whole community. Consider making video content featuring local businesses, amenities, parks, events, and more. For more impressive results, take advantage of professional real estate digital marketing materials and ready-made design tools that can help you turn your videos into cinematic masterpieces. Not only will effective community videos allow you to build a warm and trusting relationship with the local business owners but also showcase to potential buyers the kind of lifestyle they’re going to have in that community. Just imagine how great it would be that every time someone googles a business in your area that your video pops up. So, capturing the whole community instead of focusing on a single home you aim to sell would be a strategically wise decision for your company.

High-Quality Video Tours

High-quality video tours are critical if you want to reach the right intended audience and get listings in cutthroat real estate markets. You just need to have high production value video tours to set yourself apart from dozens of other real estate agencies that don’t put enough effort in creating video content. Do not limit your endeavors to a good old slideshow to music. What your potential client is looking for is for the ability to take a closer look at what might become their property in the future. Also, note that every time you list your home, you really set an example to potential sellers as to the kind of the marketing that you’re going to do. Beyond just your listings, think bigger. Living in an HGTV generation imposes certain obligations on you. So, make sure to present your clients with the opportunity to learn more about the home of their dream to be able to make an informed decision. Think of your social media or your YouTube channel as your own HGTV show. Showcase model homes in your community and discuss the latest home trends to strike up a conversation with your potential clients.

Showcase Different Price Ranges

Be sure to demonstrate different price ranges to cater for all tastes and budgets. You should know that even those clients that cannot afford the most expensive options like to check out what’s on the luxury menu. So, you’ll want to feature expensive luxury homes in your community. And they don’t necessarily have to be your listings. You can just get permission to display them and thus hook more prospective customers’ attention.

Educational Videos

Most Buyers and sellers begin researching online well before actually contacting an agent. So, think about the questions that they are most likely to ask and make educational videos where you can try to answer them. Such videos can rightly be considered as win-win options if you want more people to notice your content and choose your services. Educational videos will guide those interested in buying real estate property through the subtleties of this process and unobtrusively offer some great buying options to consider. It’s a good idea to write down all the questions you get asked the most and be very specific when answering them. Also, think about the niche that you’ve chosen for yourself. What challenges do the people in that niche have? And how can you help them solve their problems with your videos?

Once you have a list compiled, start prioritizing the list of your videos you want to make first. Even if you create one video per week, you’ll get more than 50 educational videos at the end of the year, which is quite impressive! Make sure to feature your videos on the popular social media platforms and encourage your subscribers to actively engage with them. Use hashtags, ask questions, create interactive quizzes, etc. This will give you a great opportunity to improve your online presence in multiple ways and again separate yourself from the competition!