Seder Wordle Is “Seder” the Correct Answer?

Did you solve the Wordle of Yesterday? Continue reading if you didn’t succeed. In the next post, we will reveal the answer.

Wordle, as the name implies, is a web-based word puzzle game. Each day, the players were presented with a new word puzzle that could be solved by the elimination method. The game can only be played once per day. Many people from different countries, such as Australia and India etc., are obsessed with this game. This game is a favorite of many. Unfortunately, Seder Wordle has made players confused.

Continue reading to find the right answer and the hint for the 380th Wordle.

Is “Seder” the Correct Answer?

Players, if Seder is the correct answer, it’s probably wrong. But the correct word ends with ‘ER,’ and has two ‘E’, which can lead to confusion for players. Let’s clarify, people. Instead, “SEVER” is the correct answer.

Once you have the correct answer, you will be able to quickly complete today’s Wordle.

Is Seder an Word ?

Many of you will be asking the question: Is Seder a real word? We’d like to inform you that Seder is an actual word. It refers to a ritual feast which is held on the first night after Passover to commemorate the exodus from Egypt of the Jews. This word is not connected to the 380th Wordle. We have already given the correct answer in paragraph 2 and also explained why people aren’t sure what this word means.

Seder Definition

Seder can be translated to English as order. Seder is a Judaism ceremonial meal ritual that includes the reading of Haggadah which sets the order for the proper meal and recounts the story about the exodus from Egypt of Jews.

We ask our readers to not confuse SEDER with the correct word we mention in the 2nd para. Instead, go for the correct word.

Tips & Tricks for Wordle

For those who haven’t completed their Wordle yet, you can still read this post Seder Wordle and look for helpful tips and tricks.

  • The correct word ends in R.
  • There are 2 vowels in the 2nd or 4th positions.
  • The correct meaning of the word is to seperate something by cutting it down.

These hints should help you find the right answer to today’s Wordle. If you are unable to guess the correct word, scroll down to the second paragraph. We have the correct word there.


This concludes our post. We have provided information to our audience about the wordle, Seder’s definition, hints and the correct answer for the 38th wordle quiz.

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