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Do you want to find the answer to puzzle number 380 on the Fourth of July? Are you familiar with the meaning of the word used? If you don’t know the meaning of the word used in the game, you can find out more at this source.

Players from the United Kingdom and Canada, Australia, and the United States all try to find the exact meaning. You can find more information and specifications below about Seter Wordle.

Is seter correct or not?

Wordle is an online puzzle game that offers information about new words each day. The answer to the last puzzle number 380 was also misspelled. It was posted on the 4th of July 2022. The majority of users stated that the answer was SETER.

The correct answer, as determined by the clues and hints, was not “seter”; it was instead “sever”. Official website provided details about the authenticity and spelling of the correct answers. Continue reading to learn more about the Sever Definition and the differences between the words.


The meaning of the words has been affected by the spelling difference caused by ‘V’. You can see below, as per the hint session to determine which word is suitable for where.

  • SETER is a numerological series that represents the number 22. Other meanings of the same spelling can also indicate intelligence, high ability, and attractiveness.
  • SEVER – This word refers to the division of a part or taking away a portion from the total. It can also be referred to as forcible movement.

After describing the words, you can see that the meanings of SEVER match the clue options in the game.

Tips: Seter Wordle

Users who missed the hint for the Fourth of July puzzle can find the clue below.

  • Puzzle number 380 contained 5 alphabets
  • Two vowels are present in the word
  • It is a sign of a verb
  • One duplicate alphabet exists
  • These are synonyms of the letters split and part.

How to Play

  • The user must visit the online portal for unlimited Wordle
  • Choose the play option
  • Check out these hints
  • Place the alphabet in the correct order
  • You can enjoy your 24-hour challenge games

Why What is the Trend in ?

It is becoming increasingly popular on the internet because many have already suggested it as the solution to the Fourth of July puzzle. The Monday Wordle answer is not the same as the one posted. It became a trending topic because of the surprise expressed by users.


We recommend that all players play puzzle games in order to build a strong vocabulary. Wordle is a trending and emerging game that provides real information and the meaning of every word.

Playing everyday challenges helps users develop a sense for learning new words. Did you find the Seter Wordle article helpful? For your feedback, comment below!