Shanquella Robinson, a mysterious 24-year-old woman, has been making waves on the internet.

Are you familiar with this case? Do you wonder who she was killed? What claims are made by her friends? People All over the world speak out about the girl and many attend her funeral. Continue reading Shaquella Robin Update until the end.

What happened to her? What happened to her?

Shanquella’s death was still a mystery before the viral video. All family members are shocked by the shocking video. Shanquella is seen being beaten up by women in the video. Many claim that Daejhanae is the woman in the video.

All of the friends involved in this incident have deleted their social media profiles. We are unable to locate any.


We don’t blame any of her friendsthe information in the article was compiled from an extensive search on online sources. The truthfulness and completeness of the information is not our responsibility.

Additionally, the article may contain information about physical assault. Viewers are asked to redirect their attention.

Shanquella Robinson was murdered?

Salamondra Robinson, Shanquella’s mom, stated that Shanquella and her daughter were talking before Shanquella died. Shanquella said that she would talk to her next day but that day never came.

Salamondra claims that Shanquella Charlotte NC‘s health is declining and that a doctor will soon be arriving. Her friends claimed that she died from liquor poisoning. Later, another friend said that it was food poisoning. However, this isn’t confirmed so Salamondra believes no one.

Shanquella’s funeral:

Shanquella’s funeral was held on Sunday 20 November 2022. Many people traveled from all over the region to attend her funeral, as the news was trending. Hundreds of people attended her funeral.

Many people loved pink because it was a reminder of the 24 years of ageShanquella. People talked about her kindness as a person. She is often called “Daddy’s Girl” because she is so attached to her dad and loves him dearly.

You can find out more about Shanquella on Shanquella’s social media pages on LinkedIn and Instagram.