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Reviews from customers are a great way to understand how others view the service. To learn more about Shenoa Clinic Review, read the entire article.

Why is Shenoa Clinic featured in the news?

Shenoa Clinic, located in Los Angeles in the United States is one of the most popular clinics. The clinic offers services related to beauty and health. These services include skin tightening and enhancements, as well as other skin-related treatments.

We decided to review some of the online reviews to get a better understanding of the services. According to research, the clinic received a rating of 1.1 stars on a scale from 5 to 5. Many Shenoa Advanced Aesthetic Clinic reviews complain about developers not getting paid and about people who aren’t being paid for their work as web developers.

We will be looking at the reviews and trying to decode the services in the next section.

Additional information about Shenoa Clinic

  • Shenoa Clinic can be found in Los Angeles, California in the USA.
  • According to research, the clinic’s hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 12 noon to 6pm
  • They are however closed Sundays
  • However, we could not find any information on the website when we tried to access it.
  • Aside from that, there is very little information available about the clinic.

Shenoa Clinic Review What are the ratings?

Customer reviews can be a great way to get to know the users and analyse the company’s services. We found that most online reviews about the clinic were negative. They have been rated 1.1 stars out 5.

Most reviews were negative and focused on employees who are still waiting for their wages. One customer wrote that he would change his rating if he paid $10 to his developers. Another customer points out that the fees are too high for the services.

There aren’t many Shenoa Advanced Aesthetic Clinic reviews. Therefore, we recommend that readers do their own research before using these services.

Final Conclusion

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We recommend that you read each review carefully and do your own research to find out more about the service.

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