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What happened on What happened on the Ship Canal Bridge? A car rollover collision was reported at the time in United States. According to the investigation the incident occurred when a man stood in front of a car that was disabled when drunk drivers rammed their vehicle into his and threw him off the bridge and into the canal. Stay tuned for more details regarding what happened at the Ship Canal Bridge Accident.

The incident occurred in the morning around 4:40 am. The roads leading to the bridge were shut for a short period of time; the incident was being investigated. For more information about the incident, please look below.

What actually happened during the Bridge?

The crash involving two cars took place at 4:40am on a Tuesday Northeast 45th Street in Seattle’s University District. One driver was a man aged 22 identified as Jordan Shelley, who was missing after the crash. The incident occurred on Seattle’s Ship Canal Bridge Seattle.

The bridge was 182 feet high. Following the investigation conducted of Washington State Patrol, they declare that the driver missing may have fallen off the bridge and into the water. Based on the findings, police claim that the driver of a Toyota struck the Mazda as Shelley drove the Mazda and, as a result, Shelley was thrown from the bridge. A driver from the Toyota was later arrested as well as being aged 22. After that, Water rescue teams were tasked with going into the water to search for the corpse of Shelley. Shelley’s body was discovered at about 9 am.

Information regarding Ship Canal Bridge Accident

We have learned that the crash occurred between Mazda and a Toyota. The Mazda driver Mazda Shelley was thrown off the bridge because of the collision. Shelley’s mom, Teresa spoke about her son, and claimed his birthplace was Ethiopia. He graduated from The University of Washington and aspired to become an anaesthesiologist. Following the crash that day, all roads were closed to the bridge, leading to a massive amount of traffic on other lanes. The southbound lanes were opened at 8 am. Both the cars flipped over their roofs as a result of their weight from the collision.

What is the reason why news is in a downward trend?

The Ship Canal Bridge accident occurred recently on a Wednesday within the United States. The news was widely reported across the world. Jordan Shelley drowned to death during the accident. He was struck by the Toyota as he stood in the direction the Mazda. Police believe that he swerved due to damage to the vehicle. Because of its force collision and the force of the impact, the bridge collapsed and ended up drowning. The tragic death of this news has been viewed by all over the world.


The accident claimed Jordan Shelley’s life , bringing many tears and sorrow for his loved ones. His mother had some phrases about him, which could be found online about the Ship Canal Bridge Accident. For more information about what happened go to this link.