Smithfield Foods Death  Hot dog contest winners

Did you hear about Nathan’s hotdog contest incident? A protestor protested during the hot dog contest, shaking the crowd. The United States is eager to learn more about the incident. This Smithfield Foods death post will provide all details about the incident.

This post will help you to fully understand the incident.

What is the shockingness of this incident?

Nathan organized a hot-dog contest on Monday the 4th. The competition was a huge success with many people. The competition was interrupted by a protestor who ran up to the stage in middle of it. The protestor was wearing a mask over his face and holding a sign about Smithfield. These videos went viral on social media.

What is Smithfield Death Star?

Smithfield was the protestor at the event. Smithfield is a Virginia food processing company. Smithfield has been involved in controversy over animal cruelty for many years. People are still unable to understand the meaning of the death star on the poster that Smithfield displayed. Some believe it may be related to Star Wars as the protestor was wearing the death Vadar mask. People are still unsure of the exact meaning of this protest. A poster displaying Expose Smithfield Deathstar is displayed by the protestor.

Learn more about Nathan’s hot-dog contest

Nathan organizes an annual hot dog contest on Coney Island in New York City every year. The grand prize is given to the winners. Participants must consume a lot of hotdogs in ten minutes. The contest was also enjoyed by many people, even though a protestor dressed as Death Vader interrupted it this year. Joey chestnut, one of the participants tried to pin the protestor against the wall to end it. The police arrested the protestor at the end of this event and the event continued as planned. This protest could have an adverse effect on Smithfield Star Foods‘s reputation.

Hot dog contest winners

Joey Chestnut was named the contest winner in the male section and Miki Sudo won the female section. Joey Chestnut has won the competition for the 15th consecutive time. This was a surprise to many as Joey had to take some extra time to get the protestor off the stage. However, he won the competition. Each winner received a $10000 prize. Other winners were also awarded the prizes, including second, third and fourth place winners.


This post about Smithfield Foods’ Death concludes. Although the event was shocking due to the intruder, it ended up being a successful competition. This page contains more information about the incident.

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