Socialdm Legit Or Scam Is Socialdm Legit or Scam ?

Learn more about SocialDM.co which claims to pay users for doing mini-tasks. Also, find out the difference between Socialdm is legitimate or a scam.

Have you ever come across SocialDM.co that offers payment to complete minor tasks? One of the benefits of SocialDM.co is the fact that it has an excellent Alexa Ranking of 295,624 due to the many people who use the site to earn money from their home. The site also uses a secure HTTPS protocol and a valid SSL layer to send the information.

However, before logging on to SocialDM.co within the United States, take a look at the following reviews to see whether Socialdm is legitimate or a Scam.

Features of SocialDM:

SocialDM.co was created on the 14th of December in 2021. However, its website stated that it was first launched in the year 2018. The site has a limited time frame since it was only registered for one year.

SocialDM.co is registered within the country of high risk Ireland. The website listed about two owners. However the name and contact details of the owners is blocked through the services of the Redacted For Privacy organization.

Even after six and four months, seven days of operation, SocialDM.co has a low Trust Score of 1%, and an average score for businesses of 58.8 percent. SocialDM.co declares that it shares your activity and information with a third-party for accepting payments.

The negative Social DM Reviews show that the website’s content is stolen from several websites such as ezearn.co, socialrebel.co-dc0.xyz, paidcashto.com, etc. The claims made about the number of customers it has and its payment proof are not substantiated. SocialDM.co has speculated on the amount of users it had by quoting 10 million affiliates. However, it contradicts it by claiming 690K active users.

The reviews posted by users on SocialDM.co are mostly positive and have rated the site 5-stars. Thus, these review on SocialDM.co are not real. The contact for customer service as well as the physical address do not appear on the site. This makes it difficult for customers to reach customer service should there be payment not being made.

Is Socialdm Legit or Scam ?

SocialDM.co is a new commercial website that provides everyday jobs that are accomplished within a couple of minutes. SocialDM.co allows online payment via PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin and Venom.

SocialDM.co is offering a membership fee of $40 when you join its platform. It also offers a reward of the possibility of a reward of $10-$15 for each successful referral, and $2 for each visit to the affiliate link. The tasks involve testing games, apps, and surveys. The reward is earned upon the completion of each task however, the tasks are repeatedly rejected.

The successful referral as well as clicking on referral links are subject to review. SocialDM.co isn’t on social media, but it does pay for referrals through social media. It also provides clues to determine if Socialdm legit as well as Scam. It highlighted the improper use the social networks to make referrals. Your account on SocialDM.co could also being terminated due to a variety of reasons.


SocialDM.co is a Scam. The absence of a customer acknowledgment about the receipt of payment was available on the internet or social media. More than forty customer reviews for SocialDM.co claim that it’s fraudulent. The amount per task is small when compared to the time it takes. We don’t recommend SocialDM.co because it promotes installing applications and Games for Testing and could be contaminated with malware.

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