Soctuary Fun Animal Socks Review How to Contact Soctuary

The most appealing aspect of this is the fact the fact that Soctuary promises to stand out from other companies that sell socks because they are advocates for animals. Soctuary donates 10% of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that promote the welfare of animals. The proceeds go to conservation initiatives as well as other measures that protect animal species in wild.

There are many amusing sock designs to choose from like:

  • Tiger Socks
  • Cat Socks
  • Panda Socks
  • Dog Socks
  • Sea Turtle Socks
  • Elephant Socks

The design of your animal socks decides what animal charity receives the 10% of the sale. For instance, if you buy cat socks or dog socks, you’ll make a donation to charities that aid both dogs and cats. Here are some of the organizations that Soctuary helps through its donation program:

  • African Wildlife Foundation
  • Pandas International
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Humane Society International
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy

Soctuary’s novelty socks are all-sized. The women’s socks vary between 5 and 10, US by size while male socks range between 7 and 13 US. The flexibility of sizing makes it easy to choose socks that are a perfect fitting.

Every pair of men’s or women’s socks is priced at $13, but you save money by purchasing the socks in bundles. A two-pack costs $26 for a pair, and the bundle of six is $72. Some bundles come with socks that are matched for him and their (priced at $50 for a bundle).

The designs and prints are so cute (especially for those who are a pet or animal fan) that you’ll like to own each one! If you’re not the enthusiast of the socks for animals currently available there are many more designs planned for the future.

Pros & Cons

The following Soctuary review, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of selecting this brand for animal socks that are fun to wear.


  • The socks are made from top-quality, premium cotton.
  • The socks are one-size-fits all.
  • The socks are colorful and detailed designs.
  • The socks are extremely comfortable to wear
  • The socks are designed to last.
  • The socks are priced reasonably with a better savings when you purchase the socks in bundles
  • The socks are sustainable packaged
  • Every purchase makes a donation of 10% of sales to support animal charities and foundations.
  • There is a minimum free shipping threshold


  • There is not much information on the company on the internet, this is normal because they are brand still in the process of being
  • The bright designs may not appeal to everyone.
  • There is a small selection of designs to choose from

Is Soctuary Legit?

Soctuary was launched in April 2022. So it’s a brand new company. There isn’t any information available about the company on the internet.

The company has an active social media presence both on Facebook along with Instagram. There is, however, an unintentional audience in both.

Soctuary’s Return Policy

Soctuary operates a 30 day return policy of 30 days. Customers are required to return their unworn items within 30 days of purchase, and the items must be returned in the original packaging in order to qualify for full reimbursement. The item should have been returned in the exact state as when it was received upon the receipt.

The customer support team is on hand to answer any return request as well as other questions. Contact us at [email protected] to begin your return procedure. If the request is granted and you are contact by our team and given instructions on where and how to return your items.

Soctuary’s Shipping Policy

Soctuary provides free shipping on purchases of $500 or greater. For orders under $50, the cost of shipping is $5. Orders are handled between Monday and Friday. Orders that are confirmed are delivered within 24 to 48 hours of the date of purchase.

Orders from the US are shipped via USPS and take about 3 to 5 days for delivery in accordance with the place of delivery. For orders shipped to Canada shipping will be through Canada Post and can take 1-5 days to reach you.

If you are required to cancel your order or alter the shipping information, you must contact Soctuary immediately, as soon as the order has been shipped, they are unable to alter the order.

How to Contact Soctuary

Live chat support is accessible from Monday to Friday between 9 AM until 5 PM (EST) if you require immediate assistance. The Soctuary team is accessible through email: [email protected] or through their contact form.

These Soctuary Social Media pages ( Facebook and Instagram) are accessible for immediate questions or concerns.


Soctuary is an adorable animal-themed sock brand that offers back. As a relatively new business They hope to become recognized for their wide selection of cotton socks made of the highest quality with bright and vibrant designs. Their socks have animal-themed designs which bring out your playful and playful side.

Soctuary is an excellent company to help for those who are animal lovers. It allows you to show your affection for animals with their unique designs and also take steps to safeguard animals from harm in their natural habitats. Every penny you earn from sales is used to protect and preserve the animals, particularly those that are endangered. You can help by donating to Soctuary and their products.