Some Essential Facts that You Need to Know about Ants

In Australia, it is very common to find ants in houses and commercial places. Whenever the ants find entry points, abundant food, and water supply, they start laying eggs in that place. Ants belong to the family Formicidae and their bite is painful because of the formic acid present in their body. When these pests enter a property, it becomes essential to hire pest control experts. If you want to know more about the ants, you must give this article a read:

  1. Ants Possess Two Stomachs 

Ants usually live in colonies. The work of every ant is defined. Some ants are assigned the duty to find food while others stay back and take care of the nest. The ants have two stomachs. One helps them in eating the food while another one helps them in storing the food. The ants are able to share the food stored in their bodies through a process known as trophallaxis. In this process, the ants can exchange the liquids with other ants and their larvae. Even the ants that stayed back in the nests get their nutrition in this way. It can be said that the two stomachs help in maintaining the functioning of the ant colony. 

  1. Ants don’t Breathe Through the Lungs 

Ants are small in size. There is no space for the lungs to exist. In an ant body, tiny holes known as spiracles are present for facilitating the breathing process. The spiracles are attached to a network of tubes. These tubes help in circulating the oxygen in the ant body. Similarly, carbon dioxide is released through these tubes. 

  1. Ants are Really Strong 

Generally, all the species of ants look tiny in size. But, they are really strong. The ants can carry a weight that is 10-50 times more than their body weight. If you want to protect our food grains from the ants, don’t forget to book the ant control service!

  1. Female Ants Live Longer than Male Ants 

The majority of the ant population consists of female ants. The worker and soldier ants might live up to 1-2 years. On the other hand, the queen ants live for a longer period. The L.niger queen ants can survive till 30 years. The adult male ants live just for a few days. These ants die soon after mating with the female ants. 

  1. Ants Have Ears like Humans 

The ants interpret the signals via vibrations. These pests have sensors on their feet and knees. These sensors help them in feeling the vibrations. 

  1. Ants are Present Everywhere on Earth 

There are around 12,000 species of ants that exist in the world. The ants are present in almost every continent except Antarctica. There are some places where the ants never existed initially. But, human travel made it possible for the ants to travel too. Isn’t it interesting that humans are one of the reasons for the spread of ants throughout the world?

  1. Ant Colonies Can be Really Big 

The ants live with their species in the colonies. There is a proper distribution of roles among the ants. Some lay eggs while some forage for food. An efficiently organised ant colony helps the ants to maintain their life cycle. An average colony may consist of 100,000-500,000 workers. The bigger colonies, also known as super colonies can have 300 million ants. 


Ants are one of those pests that can easily enter a house in search of food and water. Right from the kitchen to bathroom, these pests can invade almost every corner of your house. Ants might not look very big but have many interesting facts associated with them. No matter how fun these facts may sound, the presence of ants is still risky and ant control treatment is very important.