Sonusp Scam What is Sonusp?

Did you receive an untrue purchase from USPS? For the solution to this question, look through Sonusp Scampost to find genuine information.

Are you upset when you receive the incorrectly delivered products despite being waiting weeks for them? Have you ever filed wrong delivery or tracking issues with any courier company? If not, you should go through our post to help United Statescitizens to complain and have their concerns addressed.

We’re focusing on incorrect or false information about product delivery due to an incident in the Sonusp Scam in the US has caused a stir in the logistics industry. Please continue reading our article for more information on the scam!

Why is Sonusp is trending ?

Criminals online send the fake Sonusp text message via the phone number, which has an tracking number as well as an address to the scam website sonusp.com. In the end, recipients are advised to not click the link on the fake USPS Tracking scam message since the scam website will send messages to steal personal and financial information.

Let’s learn more about Sonusp to confirm Sonusp Reviews.

What is Sonusp?

According to our study, Sonusp is a website which is not functional from 12th April 2021. Sonusp is a courier company that provides order delivery and tracking to online shoppers. In addition to these information we were unable to find more information on the site.

What are online frauds?

For scams on the internet, fraudsters conceal a lot of vital information. Security personnel from cyber cannot not discover them immediately and penalize them. Scammers are able to use the personal and financial information provided on the scam website to defraud you. If you’ve been swindled into giving financial details please contact your bank for help.

Sonusp Reviews

The USP in its name refers to the USPS business and its services that permit customers to monitor their deliveries and ensure they get the correct amount. However, a lot of customers do not post complaints on consumer forums online to share their experiences with other users of Sonusp.

One user has further explained the scam, stating that the message he received came from a telephone address (8332604814) which included an order tracker number (US9514961195221) and a link. After clicking the hyperlink to track the order, the victim is taken to various unsecure websites, which could take his bank or personal information.

What is the Mechanism of Sonusp Scam ?

For reviews on Sonusp, the scammers claim that there is an inability to deliver your shipment because of an inaccurate shipping address. The SMS message includes the redelivery hyperlink that is linked to it. The URL ‘aidingusp.com”, on the contrary, will take you to a fake website. The way it works is:

  • Processing fees for requests
  • You’ve been swindled into providing your bank information.

Your device could be exposed to malware, viruses spyware, viruses and other malware that could cause damage to your system and even get your credentials. Find out more about the dangers of text messages here.


It is not advisable to click the links that are associated with this Sonusp scams or provide any personal details regardless of how appealing it appears. The first thing you should be aware of is to stay clear of scammers and browse the web for reviews.

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