Spectrum Error Gen-1016 Fixation for error codes

This article, Spectrum error Gen-1016 provides detailed information on the error codes and minor steps to fix them.

Do you enjoy watching movies with popcorn? Or just lying on the couch and enjoying your popcorn? Have you ever encountered errors between streams? Spectrum TV is an online streaming video service that is currently available in the United States. Here are the tips and tricks to fix Spectrum Error Generation-1016

Error codes

Spectrum TV app is an online video streaming service that shares high quality videos. The app is compatible with smartphones and smart TVs. However, there are sometimes errors that can be made while viewing the videos. This could affect the app services.

Error 1016 is one of the most common codes. This means Spectrum TV cannot connect to the DVR (digital visual recorder) in order to launch the Spectrum TV App on the TV. Compatibility issues might also cause the DVR to not be managed correctly by the Spectrum TV app.

Spectrum Reference code Gen-1016

Because each smart TV is different in DVR design, this reference code error is most likely related to digital video recorder problems. The DVR must be compatible enough to accept the application. The app will not launch on TV if it is not compatible.

To resolve these problems, users can swap their old DVR systems for a newer model that is compatible with the app’s launch and operation. You can exchange the DVR at your local spectrum store.


  • You can also choose the “on demand” button on your TV.
  • Next, press channel number 1000 or blue b.
  • You can manually enter the details.

List of error codes

Helps users to troubleshoot errors using the Spectrum Cable Box error codes list. Spectrum also offers cable TV services, in addition to streaming apps.

The problem codes and error codes

  • DUI, DMI – No signal
  • DI- Access to updates concerning program guides
  • E220, Ec220- Cable connection to buy or receive HD programs on a TV/receiver
  • Errors 1, 5, 7 – The cable box isn’t working
  • E14- Problem with receiver start-up
  • E09- Battery life ended or memory stopped working.
  • E208 and E211 are not allowed to access certain video-on-demand services.

Fixation for error codes

Spectrum Error Generation-1016 This error code can easily be corrected by changing your DVR. However, Spectrum TV users should not confuse the error codes for its cable box and the Spectrum TV app. The cable box allows the TV to broadcast all channels. You can even get multiple spectrum TV channel packages. To fix these errors, one of the most basic methods is to

  • Use the remote and receiver to reboot the cable
  • You can use an app or the internet to reboot your cables.
  • Reset the cable connections

The troubleshooting process for application service issues is different.


The real problem was identified in the article Spectrum Error Generation-1016,. The Charter Communications team manages Spectrum TV. It competes with other OTT players by offering multiple channels, multichannel videos and mobile apps. The customer support team is available 24/7 to help users resolve any issues.

To resolve error codes

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