Sports Physical Therapy To Get the Most Out of Your Body on the Field

Athletes’ bodies are their instruments and require specialized care. Even minor injuries can lead to major issues if not addressed. Fortunately, you can find assistance at your sports physical therapy San Antonio clinic.

Increase Your Flexibility

Healing from a sports injury can affect mobility, as joints and muscles may stiffen from disuse. Physical therapists know which areas of the body are prone to this issue and can safely stretch these muscles to prevent the worst stiffness. They can also evaluate athletes individually and create exercises to increase flexibility in problematic areas.

Reduces Risk of Injury

Muscle imbalance is when certain muscle groups are stronger or tighter than others. It’s a serious concern for athletes, as it’s a major cause of injuries. Stretching can correct this imbalance if you know which muscles need attention. Sports physical therapists have the training to identify imbalances and create regimens to equalize muscles’ degrees of activeness.

Boost Muscle Blood Flow

Your blood carries a variety of compounds to every part of your body:

  • Oxygen
  • Glucose
  • Nutrients

Good circulation ensures your cells get the fuel they need when you work out. Stretching helps by widening blood vessels, which then allows more blood through.

Boost Your Performance

The right Westlake physical therapy treatments can help you return from an injury stronger than ever. When you sustain an injury, you risk losing power or flexibility in the affected limb, as you must rest during the healing process. Physical therapy helps you safely build strength as you heal, ensuring you don’t have to start from square one once you’ve recovered. Additionally, physical therapy can decrease pain, increase endurance and improve balance.

Decreases Pain

Stretching can decrease the risk of muscle cramps, which is why you should always stretch before exercising. Additionally, stretching can release endorphins, which are “feel good” hormones. The body releases endorphins during several activities:

  • Exercise
  • Eating
  • Massage
  • Sex

Research shows endorphins boost your mood and reduce stress. They can even decrease pain, which is why physical therapists utilize exercise, massage and stretching to help patients recover from injuries.

Increases Endurance

When you push muscles too hard, they cramp, leading to pain and poor performance. Since the solution is building strength in and increasing circulation to the affected area, sports physical therapists are uniquely qualified to help with endurance issues.

Additionally, they can assist athletes with gait efficiency. Everyone has a particular way of moving; some are more efficient than others. Suppose your natural gait interferes with ease of movement or offers poor support for key joints, such as the knees. In that case, a physical therapist can identify the problem and help you gradually adjust your movements.

Improves Balance

Balance is essential for most sports, but it’s especially important for the following:

  • Gymnastics
  • Ice skating 
  • Surfing

Physical therapists help athletes fine-tune their balance, decreasing the risk of falling or landing wrong.Whether you sprained your ankle or need pelvic floor treatment, physical therapy can help. An experienced therapist can tailor treatment to your needs, ensuring a successful recovery. Don’t try to tackle a sports injury alone — find a trusted medical professional to monitor your progress.