Are you a fan of Spotify music? Are you familiar with Icebergify? You may have heard the term Icebergify before. Icebergify allows you to create a “Iceberg” chart of your favorite songs and artists on Spotify. It’s so cool! We will ask you to read the Spotify Icebergify article if you don’t have any idea. This feature is already being used by listeners from Brazil, Spain, the United States and Portugal.

Information on Icebergify:

Icebergify was developed by Akshay Raj. This is an example open-source application powered by Spotify Web API. They do not intend to make money. You must agree to their collection policy if you use this app. Only your Spotify username and account ID will be collected by the app. The top 50 songs and artists from the past few years will not be included.

About Stats :

You can view your most listened songs, artists, and genres to get a better idea of your chart. Users can switch between three time zones. Your data will be updated approximately every day.

Next, compare your ranking with your last visit. You can see if your ranking has changed by looking at the arrows.

Next, users will need to create a playlist using their music library. Then, you can go to Spotify and start listening to the songs. Check your most recently listened songs.

How can you see Spotify listening history from your phone?

Spotify keeps track of your previous played tracks so you can listen to them in the search history.

To use Spotify on your smartphone, first click the “Home” button at the bottom of Spotify. Clicking the “Home” button will take you to the bottom bar of Spotify. Next, click the “broken clock logo” in the right corner. This is the recently played option. You will then be taken to the “Recently played” page, where you can now enjoy the songs.

How do you check Stats Artist Stats ?

Are you an artist, or a listener. You can still check the play count of a song. Listeners can check out the Spotify pages of any artist to find the most popular songs. If you’re an artist who wants to see how often your songs are played, you can sign up for Spotify For Artists.

Last Words

That’s it for today. Today’s article on Spotify Icebergify should help you understand the features of Spotify. If you are still unsure, click the link below to find out more about Spotify.

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