stardew valley e gg f estival egg hunt guide

In stardew valley, e gg f estival is the first festival of spring, every festival in stardew valley will have a theme, and e gg f estival is obviously egg-themed, in e gg f During the estival, Pierre will run a small booth where players can buy different items, you can also talk to Lewis to start the game of finding easter eggs , and if you win the game , you can get rewards. The following editor brings you a guide to the egg hunt for the stardew valley egg hunt, hoping to help you find more eggs in the stardew valley egg hunt game. For more information about the stardew valley game, please visit gametopn.com .

In addition to Stardew Valley Fair, Spirit’s Eve and Night Market , Egg Festival is also one of the festivals in Stardew Valley. Players can complete mini-games during the Egg Festival to get special rewards. Below are all the important details about this Egg Festival event:

The time and place of Stardew Valley e gg f estiva

Date: 13th of spring

Time: 9 am to 2 pm

Address : Pelican Town Plaza

Return to the farm at 10pm after the festival

2. Stardew Valley e gg f estiva booth item introduction

On e gg f estiva, you’ll see Pierre running this little stall that sells a few different items, here ‘s a list of things you can buy in the stall :

1. Lawn Flamingos

price is 400 grams and can be used as a decoration on the farm.

2. Plush Rabbit

Price 2000g, big, soft and cute decoration.

3. Seasonal plants large shrubs

Priced at 350g , an ornamental plant that changes with the seasons and does not require watering.

4. Seasonal Plants Small Shrubs

price is 350 grams. It is an ornamental plant that changes with the seasons like a large shrub and does not require watering.

5. Strawberry seeds

price is 100 grams, and strawberry seeds are planted in the spring , which can mature in 8 days, and can continue to produce strawberries after that.

3. Stardew Valley egg hunt game introduction

1. Egg hunt rules:

The main attraction of the Easter Egg Festival is the Easter Egg Hunt game , where players will compete with villagers to compete for as many Easter eggs as possible. Players can start the game of finding easter eggs as long as they talk to Lewis .

Players will have 51 seconds to search the town for randomly placed eggs, you need to collect at least nine eggs, otherwise Abigail will win the game, because Abigail can find 8 to 9 eggs in an average game So if you find less than 8 eggs, you basically lose .

2. Egg hunt skills:

The player’s egg hunt starts in the middle of the square, so the best way to collect more eggs is to go south and collect the eggs scattered around the cemetery first.

Then walk along the sewer entrance and the river, and finally when you’ve done a full search , make your way around to the back of Lewis’ house, where you’ll find two more eggs, which should be enough for you to win the egg hunt.

3. Egg hunt rewards:

winning the first egg hunt game , the player will receive a straw hat, and for any subsequent egg hunt wins, the player will be rewarded with 1000 grams.

The above is the egg hunt activity guide for the Stardew Valley Easter Egg Festival. In stardew valley, players can participate in various festivals, whether it is the Easter Egg Festival , or the Stardew Valley Market and Night Market , etc. These festivals are very distinctive. After the Easter Egg Festival, the next festival to attend in Stardew Valley is the Flower Dance. If you want to know more about stardew valley egg hunt, please pay attention to gametopn.com , which provides players with downloads of various popular mobile games and the most complete game guide.